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I know this has been covered before but I could not find what I wanted when I did a search. The sound lags the video when you take videos on the Z1. One solution as I recall was to edit the video clip with "RAD Video Tools" and delay the video a bit. Does anyone know the approximate amont of delay I need. Also a brief description of how you do thiswould be helpful. I'm not very familiar with the mentioned program and it's a bit overwhelming to a novice at video editing.
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hey puck,

I believe i remember reading that it was either 1/4 second or 1/3 second.. im leaning more to a 1/4 tho...

i haven't done it ever, but i just remember reading it in a thread!


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The sound lag on the Z2 is about 1/4 of a second. I have adjusted a number of videos using .28 of a second and the results seem bang on. Rad Tools does not allow you to save in mov format which is fine for mebecause the video editor I use (Studio 8 ) does not recognize the mov format. In fact because of this I am converting all my movies with Rad Tools anyways.
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