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What are the major differences between the Z1 and Z10? Any recommendations on whcih to buy? Both are on sale for$185. Thanks for your feedback!
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One major difference (physically, anyway) is the Z1's flash lifts up but the Z10's is fixed. You might get a little less red-eye in people photos with the Z1. Also, the Z10's lens zoom range is 8x while the Z1's is 10x. Aside from those differences, they're pretty similar. I have a Z1 and it has worked perfectly since I bought it over a year ago, but some Z1 owners have had problems with the Switch Finder not working properly.

That's a mighty good price, too. I paid $399 for my Z1 at Wal-Mart!
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Doesn't the z10 also have the 'Switch Finder'? I would have thought it did anyways...

Another major difference between the z1 and z10 is that the z1 has a 'Hotshooe' for KM **ONLY** Unit Flashes (i.e. 2500, 3500 & 5600),...
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Plus: the Z1`s video mode records sound

The Z10's amount of CA, however, is lower than the Z1's.
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Z10 has shutter speed down to 1/2000 s compared to 1/1000 s for the Z1.

The Z10 is generally considered to have better picture quality than the Z1 but the auto color balance can make things a little too reddish at dusk/dawn.

Z10's lens is completely enclosed and less likely to be damaged.

You can use optical zoom in movie mode, albeit, without sound, on the Z10.

Battery life is outstanding on the Z10, not sure about the Z1.

Z10 has a recording histogram, not sure about the Z1 ( I know it has a playback histogram).

Z1 has faster high speed capture.

Z1 has a faster lens at wide-angle (2.8 vs 3.2).
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