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shibumi Sep 21, 2003 7:21 PM

Z1's at Walmart!!!
Just wanted to post this in case anyone else was as impatient as I am...

I saw another post elsewhere from a Walmart employee saying he had 3 Z1s come in. I went ahead and ran down to my local Walmart and sure enough - they had 3 Z1s - $396.00

I went ahead and grabbed one - only 2 left at my local store now.. lol

They didn't have them out - they were under the counter - and the first person I asked didn't know about them (at the camera counter) - luckily her co-worker came by and she asked her and she said yes they had 3...

Sooooooo Good Luck Walmart shoppers..

This was in the Tampa Bay, FL area - St. Pete to be exact (Tyrone Blvd).

And hey - they're open 24 hours!!

Hopefully I'll have some worthy pics soon!!

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