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montrealqc Jun 16, 2004 7:43 AM

Hi !

I read somewhere that the z2 always goes in standby mode after one minute, regardless of the delay selected. I tried with my z2, and it is true. Anyone else has that problem? Any magical workaround?


murphyc Jun 16, 2004 1:46 PM

I have the same problem with my Z1. Really sucks for sports--you see an action shot about to develop and you have to wait a few seconds. Not good.:(

cassidyfan Jun 18, 2004 11:18 PM

Page 90 of the instruction manual says to go to section 1 of the setup menu. It can be changed to 3, 5, or 10 min. Hope this helps!

rwg Jun 19, 2004 12:02 AM

This came off the Q&A section of Minolta's site.

"Yes, this camera has an auto power save function to save power. The camera turns off the displays and unnecessary functions if an operation is not made within a minute. (Power Save Function). To restore the power, press any button or key, or turn the exposure mode dial to another position. The length of this period is selectable from 1 min., 3 min., 5 min., or 10 min. in the section 1 of the setup menu. The LCD monitor always turns off if any operation is not made in a minute, and this period cannot be changed. If no operation is done within 30 minutes, the camera shuts itself off. Pressing the power button resumes the camera operation from this condition."

I tried this on my Z2 and it is true. The restore time is greater if the camera has gone to sleep rather than only shutting off the lcd. At least on my Z2.


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