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Having just purchased a new computer, I can now watch all the videos taken with the Z2 properly (my old computer was not capable - the videos were slow and jerky), I can now see the audio/visual lag clearly, although minimal it is annoying when you have paid so much for a camera.

I took it back to Jessops yesterdaywhere I bought the it in June, and they say they will take it back for a full refund. So I had every intention of doing this and paying the extra £50 to get the Z3. However after doing a quick recce through Z3 reviews I am not so sure now. The picture quality seems to have gone down - yellow / pink cast - seemsto be the general consens compared with the vibrant Z2 pictures. One particular reviewer did side by side comparisons, and it was shocking, their verdict was to stick with the Z2 for image quality. Was that a one off.... or are they close to the mark.

I confessat this stage I still only ever take photos on AUTO - (most of my photos are quick snaps of kids) - the qualityof my Z2 photos are great, except for the usual low light problems, and the shake on full zoom.

Is low light situation any better on the Z3 ?

Are you all happy with your photos ?

Z2 owners if you could pay the extra £40 now and trade in the Z2 for the Z3 would you do this ?

My gut feeling is to stick with what I know, various posters have said you have to learn to take photos with the Z3, I do not have time to keep setting the camera up when I take photos, I am very much point and shoot, but bought the Z2 for the fast focusing and the zoom - and love it. But the video really disappoints me with the audio/sound lag.

So will shooting in AUTO on the Z3 still achieve same picture quality as the Z2 ?

So with the Z3 I will get stabilized zoom, no audio/visual lag what other great advantages ?

Hope you can help me make this decision.

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Kathmandu- I was in a similar situation when my Z2 was nicked by some people on holiday. I had to decide if I should purchase another Z2 or go with the Z3. I ultimately bought the Z3 and have never looked back.

The sound lag drove me crazy and started me to hate the camera. It was like watching a Kung-Fu movie where the mouths and words aren't in sync. I couldn't take it. The Z2 did such good videos I felt cheated by the sound. Also on the Z3 the zoom is quieter during movie mode.

So to answer your question does the Z3 take as good as pictures as the Z2, yes overall it is as good if not better. That doesn't mean that there aren't some areas where it is worse. For example the lens isn't quite as bright when you zoom in on something. In most instances this is more than compensated by the anti-shake which has helped out quite a bit.

I have found that I like the colors best on my Z3 while using the "vivid" option. The colors seem to be well saturated without being overly so. They seem to "pop" off the screen a little more.

At first I thought I had a white balance issue so I manually set it. I later found that the auto did a pretty good job and much better than if I forgot to set it to the correcft one. Only with certain stadium lighting at night did I have issues while trying to shoot my son's football games.

Audio/video sync is spot on. The high quality video setting is better than the best of the VGA mode on the Z2. I sometimes miss the 800x600 mode of the Z2 but since it was only 15fps it is no great loss.

All in all the Z3 improved quite a bit over the Z2. I would have paid £50 or $100 to get the Z3 over the Z2 after having used them both. I would say the Z3 is sort of 5 steps forward and 1 back compared to the Z2.

I would suggest though trying something other than the auto mode at times. Some of the special scene modes work well such as sport. Also you can get more flexibility which becomes essential when shooting such as in a back lit situation where you need to force the flash to fire and you want to adjust the exposure a little.

I also haven't seen any of the other issues that some have said afflict the Z3. No streaking, striping, yellowish cast, etc. etc. I almost forgot one BIG advantage of the Z3 over the Z2, no flip mirror to use the upper viewfinder. It is a tre EVF with no little mirror being flipped up. I think this will be much more reliable if not quite as sharp.
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Thanks for your input, yes I am going to swop it for the Z3.

I do use the scene modes, I just haven't got as far as changing any settings. The one I need to work out is low light. Will get my head down once I get the Z3.

Thanks for your help.

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