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I have been considering buying a new camera with substantial zoom for outdoor shots or for events where you may not be next to the subject. However, I would be using this camera as a general purpose camera as well, so it should be able to take good indoor, close shots as well. These two cameras (Z2 and S1 SI) are extremely similar with few minor differences. I was wondering if anyone had any advice as to which would be better for me and what the advantages of one would be over the other. I do not think the 3.2 v 4 mega pixel difference would be important. However, some say there are problems with focus or image quality. I am not an expert so im not exactly up to speed on what they are going on about or how I would go about fixing it. Anyway, any advice would be much appreciated. Thank you very much,

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Hi Scott,

As a Canon S1 IS user I can only speak for my camera. It is a truly remarkable camera with great image quality and lots of features suchas:

- Image stabilization (IS) wich really helps when shooting in full tele mode (10x) without a tripod. ( I believe the Z2 doesn't have this feature)

- Ultra sonic motor which makes the zoom really fast and keeps noise away when shooting a movie.

- A really nice movie mode with 640*480 at 30 frames/second.

- Lots of manual features...

S1 is does not have a macro mode but you still can shoot quite nice macro photos. It takes great photos both indoors and (especially) outdoors.

Z2 is a 4mp camera but I think that 3mp is more than enough for an average user. But as always I recommend that you try them both out at a photo store to see which you like.

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Hi everyone,

I have the same exact problem as Scott has. I am contemplating over the Canon 1 IS or the Minolta Z2.

Here's my story.

I bought the Olympus C-770 (4Mpixel with 10X zoom, compact body). It comes with a proprietary lithium ion battery (not AA) that I charged for 2.5 hours. I followed the directions and started to take pictures.

I took only 10 pictures with 3 minutes of video - the low battery sign came up on the camera.

needless to say I returned it the next day.

I expected to get a few hundred (maybe at least 100) photos out of one battery charge.

Anyway, I just came back from 2 photo stores in the NY area: J&R photo and B&H photo. The 2 salesmen at these places told me similar stories. They said that most digital cameras with plain AA batteries would give about 15 photos. I was very upset. They alos said that using rechargeable lithium ion AA batteries, I can take 80 photos.

I expected to be honest to take a few hundred photos with at least 5 minutes of video before the rechargeable AA batteries would die.

In your experience with the Canon 1 IS, how long do the rechargeable lithium AA batteries should last?


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I have about 100 shots (20 with the flash)on my Z2 with 2100 mah Nimhrechargable batteries. I have taken about 10 minutes of video and done a lot of fooling around with the setup menus. My batteries are still performing well. I expect to get another 100+ shots at my current rate.

If you want a camera that will go a long way on a rechargable LiON battery both my Sony DSC85 and Kodak DX6490 would easily go for over 500 photos before recharging. My Sony could easily go for 1500 shots in average shooting if I didn't use the LCD much. Sony claimed that under ideal conditions it could go for 3000 shots on a charge. I don't think they were stretching it much.

I do like that I can just pop in a couple of AA's on my Z2 and keep going and they are available everywhere. The Sony was so good it could go a week of shooting while on vacation though without recharging.

It sounds like the sales people are pulling your leg or don't know their products!


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I have used both the Z2 and S1 and ended up keeping the Z2 because the it has more features and flexibilty. I have however recommended the S1 to several friends who were looking a camera with more power than a simple point and shoot but still wanted something rather idiot-proof. They are quite happy with their S1 cameras and don't seem to miss the extra features of the Z2. The S1 easily delivered the good quality photos of the family they wanted.

On other handthose willing to invest a bit more into their photographic efforts will find that the Z2 will delivers more. The extra modes of Z2 means youobtain the kinds of pictures that others marvel over.

If you are amateur photographer on a budget the Z2 could very well be the camera for you. If you want to easily take good quality pictures of friends and family with some degree of flexibility the S1 may be the camera for you.
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Hi Glenn,

I use 4 2100 nihm rechargeable AA batteries and I've shot more than 500 photos before charging the batteries again. Go forCanon S1 IS...you won't regret it...

/regards Andy
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