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I'm going to resurrect an old chestnut - does the Z series suffer from a bias towards yellow?

A couple of threads here have dealt with this possible 'feature' of the Z2 (although I've only just spotted them). Having looked at as many sample images from Z2 users, I noticed that many of them have 'sandy' looking colours. I loaded a lot of them into PSP8 and ran them through iCorrect's EditLab tweaking software and found that I could produce much more natural looking versions by letting it knock out some of the yellow. This is one of the reasons I didn't buy the Z2.

When the Z3 was announced, I was keen to see if this 'problem' had been corrected. So downloading as many samples as I could (thanks guys) I looked at the colour balance andin my opinion it's still 'off'. Digitician's macro shots are great but the greens are too limey. Rolxng's images show it too - particularly the later sunnier ones. Some others posted on dpreview (IIRC) are quite dire, one shot in Hong Kong looks posively drab.

I would love to hear fromZ3 owners if they have recognizedthis 'problem' and if so then have they found a way to force the Z3 to produce a more natural colour balance.

I really want to buy this camera but this colour issue is putting me off. I have played with the Panasonic FZ10 and was impressed with its zoom and AS, the colour is as close to perfect as I can tell (although exposure is another matter) but it's more expensive and uses a propietary battery format (and it's getting hard to find anyone with one in stock now that the arrival of the FZ20 is imminent).

Cheers, Clive
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Unfortunatly, yellow cast was the reason I returned my Z2 back then, despite it's lovely fast AF and very impressive zoom feature. I also find that it's easy to repair with Photoshop, but I prefeare the correct colours in the first place.

Unfortunatly, as far as I can judge from Z3sample pictures thereis still yellow cast present. No go for me...
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