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I bought a Z3 last week and while experimenting with the various settings have put my camera in a mode that it doesn't focus at all. It reacts very similarly tothe Z3'smacro setting (not the super macro, since I can zoom) and it focusses in a small range only (about 5')when the lens is towards the telephoto setting.

Even the simplest of photos - such as an outdoor of the house in full wide angle in good light produces an indistinct blob, with the focus indicator showing "unable to focus". I've tried to toggle through the macro/super macro/macro off without success. I tried to set the camera back to factor defaults, and everything else that I could think of without any success. I set it in Auto mode to try to eliminate any other issues, also without results.

Can someone suggest what I may have done, and what can I reset to get back the correctauto focussing capability?

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Doesn't sound very good. Try removing the batteries for a night. If that doesn't help, it may be a mechanical failure, for example a stuck lens part.
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Check your focus mode. It might be in manual. Also I recall there is a setting, but I don't remember where I found it, that allows you to choose the focus (or Digital Subject Program Selection) mode, with respect to how the camera chooses where to try to focus. See if adjusting that back to auto fixes it.
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1. I tried James Bond's suggestion regarding removal of batteries; didn't help.

2. Regarding Daniel's suggestion, I read the Z3 manual and could only find references to focus lock (shutter button pressed halfway) to cancel auto focus. I couldn't even get it to "focus lock" with this. The red "cannot focus" light came on even with the simplest of subjects.

Konica Minolta technical support wants me to ship the camera to their service facility; I'm not sure if I should do this or return the camera to the seller given that it's only a week old.

Thanks for your suggestions.
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