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Yes, with a specific type of battery it seems to hate (Uniross). It hanged when the voltage dropped.
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I've used the progressive mode oftenand never experienced a lockup.Mostly,IuseSTD resolution, but not exclusively (sometimes FINE). I switched back to STD instead of FINE because the file size is smaller and easier to deal with.I can't really tell much difference in the pictures (prints or normal viewing) between the two. I never go beyond 8x10's and the only reason for FINE (even though I have plenty of memory) is probably the ability to crop more. I could magnify and look at details on the screen but I got the 12x so I could get my photo's cropped OK without having to magnify and crop. What is the advantage of FINE, is 4M in STD not enough? I ask this to find out if anyone in the real world notices a difference? I really don't care if there is a differencewhen zooming up over 200x on a screen.

Possibly it's related to the card speed I have (no hangups), which is a new 1G and those are supposedly faster and newer than any cards with less memory. You can get them for 100.

I can deal with the occasional clock problem, but it is a pain to set the camera options for best results for an indoor shot with the built in flash pushing it beyond 10ft and reduce the grain (ex: manually set iso, use manual mode "P", etc) This takes time and if you just want to fire off a quick shot, forget it, unless your willing to use neatimage noise correction software. But, for all the great shots I get with the 12x hand held, and the price, I can't complain, especially if I have a work around, even though it's not so quick.

I'm not sure why, but I haven't had much of a clock problem the last high usage with the camera. I did use better batteries that had a higher capacity, and maybe this is the answer. I'm just using 1800mah'sbut have some 2300mah's on order.

Thanks to who told me how to check my version # (1.01u).
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Thought this might be of interest.. Its raw random rumor (I don't read Japanese). From dpreview forum.


Several users reported that they were told a new firmware will be out in this weekend. Current fw version is 1.01j/e/u. New version will be available for download from KM site on 9/21.

Anonymous user's post in 2ch BBS (Japanese) says KM is calling back Z3 from shops.
Information is unconfirmed, of course.
Maybe for FW reinstall and better product quality control.

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