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I've had a Z3 for about a month and have used it a bunch. One day, after shooting a bunch of shots in the morning, I was using the camera in the afternoon. That time, for the first time, I noticed that there were pinkish vertical streaks in the EVF and LCD when aimed at a bright object. I first saw this off a reflection off a car in the sunshine. Also, when there is a dark object on an otherwise bright image, I'll see a black vertical band running through.

In both cases, the picture is fine. Only the LCD and EVF show the problem. It's easy to reproduce - just aim at a household lightbulg and look.

I called Minolta, explained the problem and they said to send the camera in. I did and it was just returned with a note that the problem is a "normal function of the camera". Is this true? Does everyone have this "normal function"?

Any help is appreciated.

Thanks, Scott
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I have four digital cameras, all by different makers,.. all except one does it. So yea it is a normal function.
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I can confirm that my z3 has the same behavior as yours. I've read in some other forums(dpreview) that the problem is that only when you push the half-button the sensor will set properly for the particolar shot.

Very funny, though the important is that the picture will be OK!


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It seems that this is just the way it works, although it would have been helpful if the phone support person knew this. I could have avoided having the camera mailed back and forth to Minolta.

This "feature" is pretty annoying because I first noticed it when I couldn't see the faces of the people I was trying to photograph! I can now see why an optical viewfinder would be useful.
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this topic seems to keep popping up. I contributed to a thread on DPreview a month or so ago:

The good news is - yes it is normal (at least the manfacturers are not going out of their way to correct the situation) and your photographs won't be affected ...

... the bad news is that video clip might be.

Here's a link to the forum:

but here's the substance of the last posting:

Ok after fretting about this problem for a few days and having tried all sort of searches in Google, I think that I've got the answer.

I've found that for several years users of digital cameras (of different makes)have been asking the same question.

The answer is that unless data is 'downloaded' from the CCD quickly enough, the sensor can saturate - causing the streaks. This can occur in several different modes:
- when the shutter realease is not pressed at all
- when shooting video
- when using 'continuous' or 'progressive' drive UHS modes.

In fact the Z3 pdf manual mentions this last scenario on pages 49 and 51 (although it's not described very clearly).

It would seem that half-depressing the shutter release causes the CCD to be relieved of its data at a suitable rate (ie it activates the appropriate exposure settings) and so the streaks disappear from the lcd or evf and of course are not recorded along with the image.
Are there any solutions or work-rounds?

Well, some cameras have an option to 'reduce jitter' which when turned off improves the situation but the Z3 doesn't. Why not?

Looking at my video clips, the streaking occurs only when the scene is mostly dark but there are some brights objects in view - obviously this type of scene is to be avoided.

The exposure levels in video mode are set automatically, ok but why can't we have some control over the ISO value?

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