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Hello all

The other week I managed to drop and kill my beloved Z3. As I've run Minolta cameras all my life I didn't want to quit early due to my own stupidity and so managed to source a new Z6. However, there was what appears to be a polarization problem with the display. I googled the problem and couldn't find any reference so I contacted the seller and he immediately exchanged it for a new one - which is just the same.

I have dropped a line to Konica support as I don't want to keep going back to the seller if I can help it. Below is what I sent to Konica;-

On looking through the viewfinder, in natural, bright light conditions, a pinkish purple cast can be seen. The intensity of the cast changes according to where the camera points (being most apparent the more the sky is on screen - if two thirds of a view is sky, it can become difficult to discern any detail in the remaining third of the screen as the discolouration becomes very strong though this is probably just a shutter stop issue). At the same time, any strong vertical features in view generate vertical artifices - effectively putting stripes on the image. If I rotate the camera to portrait viewpoint, the artifices rotate as well becoming horizontal though the objects that cause the artifices change.

On depressing the shutter far enough to allow the lens to focus, the discolouration and most of the artifices disappear. I have been unable to check many pictures for quality on the computer as my USB ports are currently dead but what I did manage to check seemed OK (better than the on screen view) though one was slightly pinkish but that may have been coincidence.

I have also noticed that the effect becomes increasingly strong the wider the angle of the lens - at high zoom, it is not noticeable at all. On discovering this, I contacted the supplier who immediately sent a replacement - which behaves in exactly the same way.

I couldn't manage to photograph the lcd so below I've tried to mock up how the LCD looks as best as I can - not spot on but it indicates how detrimental the effect is to the business of taking pictures!

If anyone knows anything about this - maybe it is just me that is defective (!)- I'd appreciate it.
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