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brett_dale Jul 8, 2006 5:37 AM

Just ordered the 52mm adapter tube for my Z2 for filtering use and i was wondering if anyone had experimented with zoom and wide angle lenses, iv seen loads of cheap tat on ebay that i would touch with a barge pole, but i was wondering if anyone had got good results with alternative products?

brett_dale Jul 13, 2006 5:28 PM

well iv just done some experimenting with a reverse mounted lens, nothing proffesional but from a testing point of view i held an old helios 44-2 lens (reverse mounted) against the standard Z2 lens. The shaping of the helios lens actual means the Z2 lens fits inside a conical resess nice n snugg. with digital zoom of and on full optical zoom there is 0 vingetting and the closeness of the macro is scary, DOF is miniscule tho and im guessing this is where i need a focus rail to make multiple exposures and then lay them together with software to increase my DOF, next thing will be to see if the vingetting will be the same with the 52mm adapter and a 52-49 coupler ring as im guessing this will push everything further back a little. if not i was thinking of trying some form of slip fit rubber coupling. just need to build a focus rail now :P

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