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flicker Oct 9, 2002 2:36 AM

A possibly silly question
I recently purchased a 7i - I LOVE IT - and have spent the last few days exploring its capabilities and staring in amazement. My, how things have progressed over the last three years of consumer / prosumer digicameras. :)

My question is this: I will be shooting a series that consists of a model who has a cold. We would like to be able to get several profile close-up shots of the spray / mist that comes out of her mouth with her coughing (sort of a twist on the clinical stills of this sort that we used to see in textbooks). Would any of you have any suggestions as to how I should approach executing these types of shots? Lots of controlled light and a fast shutter speed, of course, but I'm not entirely sure about how best to light for this kind of effect. I don't imagine that direct backlighting is the answer. Any tips?


sjms Oct 9, 2002 8:37 AM

gee i hope they sneeze a lot for the retakes. UHS is your best bet but you'll pay in resolution.

the other option is the harold edgerton method using high repeat rate strobe in a single shot.

flicker Oct 9, 2002 6:48 PM

Could be
Thanks. The Edgerton method would be the way to go but for the time being, I haven't got an external flash for the 7i. I don't imagine that the in-camera flash's strobe capabilities would be feasible (or would they)? In a worst case, a hight shutter speed with intense controlled lighting will be the ticket. Do you know where we should try lighting from? I'm thinking semi-profile.

sjms Oct 9, 2002 7:22 PM

it's not like you have much of a choice in views for what your going after. the built in strobe works ok close up (under 12 ft)

you are aware that the hs5600D strobe has the capability for muliflash right?

flicker Oct 10, 2002 5:51 AM

I just tried using the 7i's internal strobe flash and I can't see to find the feature. How can it be accessed? It's not mentioned in the manual either.

Thank you so much for the tip about the 5600 flash. I *hadn't* realized that it could do multi-strobing and I very nearly bought the 3600 just the other day! The 5600 costs a pretty coin up here in Canada but it looks like it might be worthwhile. Have you had good experiences with it? I can't seem to find a review anywhere online.

Thahks again for your help!

NHL Oct 10, 2002 9:20 AM

Make sure you get the 5600HS(D)! You'll need the (D) to be able to use on the D7/i/Hi. Any 5600HS would not do...

BTW the manual can be downloaded on-line from the Minolta site to read up on the multi-strobes.

NHL Oct 10, 2002 9:35 AM

Still can't edit on this forum: do a search for manual under camera/accessories.

BTW the 3xxx series also can do multi-strobes, but with less selection. It's available under "modeling light" option...

sjms Oct 10, 2002 10:14 AM

i have a 7Hi now and with the 5600D its pretty darn good. happy i got it to. a wee bit top heavy though. adapting to a side bracket at the end of the month as soon as i get into manhatten

padeye Oct 10, 2002 1:48 PM

If you can't light with an external flash I'd use a dark background and backlight the spray with a powerful light to give it contrast and allow a very high shutter speed. That way you won't illuminate the background and reduce the effect. Just make sure the source doesn't glare into the camera. Sidelight shoudl work too. Get a household spray bottle to make test shots with.

MarkoB Oct 11, 2002 6:36 AM

All x600 flash units support ADI (D)
"Make sure you get the 5600HS(D)! You'll need the (D) to be able to use on the D7/i/Hi. Any
5600HS would not do..."

There's no such thing as 5600HS without ADI support (D). The previous models were 5400HS and 5400xi and the model that preceded the 3600HS(D) was the 3500xi.

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