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For those who have done this, please clarify something for me...

The instructions are somewhat confusing on this point, when installing the firmware upgrade on the Minolta Z3

Do you have to hold the shutter button and the power button down the entire time the upgrade is taking place or once the activity light indicates that the camera is accessing the card can you release the buttons.

I have copied the instructions from Minoltas web site. See item 3 and 4, thats where I am unsure...

Thanks for your help!

(1)With the camera off, insert the prepared SD Memory card.

(2) Press and hold the shutter-release button all the way down without turning on the camera.

(3) Without lifting the your finger from the shutter-release button, press the main switch to turn on the camera.

(4)The access lamp will be lit. Please wait until the lamp turn off.(It takes 1 or 2 minutes. You can release your fingers from the shutter-release button and the main switch.)

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Just leave the shutter pressed down. It only takes a few seconds for the process.....at lease with my camera it did.
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so you are saying, hold the shutter button down, press the power button to turn the camera on, once it is on it I can release the power button but I do need to continue to hold the shutter button down and it should only take a few seconds to complete the upgrade......

Is that correct?
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Yeahhh! It's God damn correct...:evil:
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Afterthat I installed for the first time firmware of the American site, mine camera did not function more...

Tried some procedures, does not know which that made it to come back to the normal... but it to come back I placed the Japanese version in card original of camera, after it having been 24h without the stacks.

thanks to god it is functioning correctly now, was scared. But, dont worry,pparently I was the only one that I had this problem.

See the post in:


Sorry my English!
Good lock!
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