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Old Dec 10, 2004, 7:16 AM   #1
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Hi all,

First timer on this forum and I would like some information.

I would like to upgrade to an ultra-zoom and have read loads of reviews, but they all seem to contradict each other.

I have a Kodak DC215 1MP zoom which I got from Noah!:lol:so I think its time to upgrade and make the best use of my printer a Hi-Touch 730PS Dye-Sub.

This produces incredible results even with my camera but unlike camera shops I bought this from www.systeminsight.co.uk who gives you 7 days free home trial if you don't like it send it back and just pay for your paper!!!

Camera shops take note!!! You need to be able to play with a camera to get the feel for it etc, and have time to print off some snaps to see if its right for you!!!

I have narrowed it down to the Canon S1-IS, Panasonic Lumix FZ3 and the Kyocera M410R. Has anyone tried any of these before going with the Kyoceradon't know which to go for, would prefere to stick with AA batteries as I have quite a few of these, my camera eats them so I bought a few sets ofNimh with a charger.

Any thoughts or recommendations would be most welcome.

Many Thanks

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Old Dec 10, 2004, 8:02 AM   #2
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im very very happy with my M410r i've not had much use out of it yet only really a trip to egypt. it has produced some fantastic results for a newbie. the only issue i have had is with one or 2 'stuck' pixels but kyocera's customer service has been second to none.... sending a replacement within days.

the other great thing is the speed.... if you have a fast sd card then this thing flies.... if the lighting is good enough! indoors in dull lighting you wont get the 3.3 fps they quote as the shutter is open for more than a 1/3 of a second! Like i say in good light it is very fast and very good with autofocus.

it has enough settings to baffle me the only thing its missing is manual focus.. but i think this would be useless without a highly zoomed in are on the lcd.

battery wise without flash (and over a period of a couple of days)i managed to get over 400 shots out of 1 set of 2400mah AA batteries that cost 4.99 off ebay.i had bought 3 sets thinking it may be hungry for power! i dont think i could use all 3 sets by filling all 1 gig of my cards !

afew last things as im probably waffling. the camera is small not tiny but still what i would call small. i fit it in a tamrac 5200 micro explorer (£15) and it fits just right. with my old kyocera s4r if i did an auto image enhancement in PSP 9 it would make a vast difference. with the M410r if i do do an enhancement it makes so little difference as to be unnoticable. so now i just dont bother. Have a look through this forum and have a look at the few pics that are on here. if you want any let me know what type... and if i have anything suitable i'll email you it!

if your looking to buy get it from pixmania i think i paid £268 + £9 delivery and then got £10 off by searching for discount coupons. i got a sandisk ultra II 512mb sdcard from ebay (hongkong i think!) for £35 inc delivery!

im sure Kyocera Kid will add lots of things i missed!

Hope this helps

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Old Dec 11, 2004, 9:23 PM   #3
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anyone can help me set up my kyocera m410r for a indoor night shot. i have no problem with outdoor.but,when come to shooting a indoor pictures on this camera.seem like most of my pictures is too dark.
thank ,if anyone can help me out
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Old Dec 17, 2004, 2:01 PM   #4
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Hi Ian

Can't say anything about the other two cameras ...... but I really like the M410R!

You are right about sticking to AA's

Studying Steve's test shots seem a good way of choosing, after you've read his reviews ... of course.

Let's face it ...they are all going to be at least "good" cameras ....if any were realdogs they would have been rumbled by now. All will have their strengths and weaknesses, and your own shooting preferences/requirements may point you more in one direction than another. Someone else may make a different decision .... both will probably be right :O. Try not to fall into the trap of "someone else's grass is always greener ...... (usually Fuji's ....tee hee!)

Steve's message, above, sumsthe M410Rup well. All I can add is that with its controls, I makes me think like, and use itlike, a "proper" camera with "proper" controls. I do not miss manual focus ..... if fact I'm glad I can't tinker with the undoubted better choice of the camera over my eye's choice! The EVF is a boom to spec wearers and I'm told it is amongst the bestin this class of camera! It is agood EVF and LCD.

The M410R has the advantage of easily allowing more lens add-ons than the M400R, making the former a very versatile camera ........ on par with an SLR (if you are used to such devices!)

Hope this helps, cheers, KK
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Old Dec 17, 2004, 2:32 PM   #5
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Hola888 ...... sounds like your flash is running out of powerfor the size ofthe room or the settings you have on the camera...... a common problem for many compactor p+s digi or 35mm cameras.

I hope I do not appear to be stating the obvious below ... but I have to start somewhere!

Try using EXT. mode on the dial and set the exposure mode to AE(from menu).

Now experiment with different settings with your subject at different distances from the camera and at different distances from any visible background in the EVF/LCD. Try different zoom settings. Make notes ...... it will help you see what is going on.

For example .... Start at ISO 100 (from menu) and at f2.8. If the shot is under-exposed, the subject is too far away for 100 ISO .... you will have to move closer or try setting the ISO to 200,400 or even 800.

If the shot is over-exposed, try stopping down one stop at a time until your shot appears correct. You should see that the further the subject is away, the wider the aperture needs to be .... or the higher the ISO setting needs to be. This is what the "auto" settings of the camera try to do!

You will get the "feel" of the camera's and flash's capabilities from this and you could then try setting the ISO and exposure toAUTO/PROGRAM if you prefer, to see if your conclusions from your experiments yield more automated results.

Hope this helps, KK
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Old Dec 17, 2004, 2:36 PM   #6
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Hola888 .... One thought just struck me .... you are talking about indoor night shots using flash aren't you! :?

Cheers, KK
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Old Dec 17, 2004, 4:07 PM   #7
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Cheers KK,

I think it will be down to the Kyocera and canon, The panasonic is very nice had a try with it and the canon in photography shop nobody seems to have the kyocera though!!!!

The reviews I have read do say the EVF is one of the best at 300,000 pixels twice that of the canon and panasonic.

Looking through those 2 it does look pixellated.

Have borrowed a G5 from my dad as he has upgraded to the 300d!!!! :|

Never used most of the functions on it, so no point at present going for all bells and whistles! so not having the manual focus is not a problem, image stabiliser may be nice though?

Need to try one though, maybe order one and if its not right send it back.

Thanks for your opinion, have looked through the forum at some of the pictures taken by the Kyocera and they all look really good so like you say out of the 3 none are going to be really bad.

I have noticed though that there seems like very few problem areas with this camera as there doesn't seem to be that many threads which cause any real concern.

Cheers Ian

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Old Dec 25, 2004, 4:41 PM   #8
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I had that problem yesterday when I tried to take a photo of my friends using the flashin a huge dark place (a hanger)where there was no reflection off walls or anything. By using mode EXT and ISO set to 200 I got far better results. Generally good enough on auto or default settings when in smaller rooms where there is some artificial lighting.. Even got some good photos without flash in places with amlpe ammount of artificial light at EXT ISO 200 ,shutter priority and shutter speed as high as allowable or even a bit more (shutter speeds a bit over the range considered as good) and use the timer 2 sec to minimize shake.

Hope I was of help.

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