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zeeshan Oct 6, 2005 4:07 AM

I have seen that in most of the part, the M410R's photos are re-touched with image editing softwares like photoshop etc....

the point is that , actuall power of the m410 can be seen through it's original photos thatwhat color quality it produces...

so, any guy, who has the potential to display it's originals will be indeed the best one in the forum...



Kyocera Kid Oct 6, 2005 5:42 AM

Good idea Zeeshan ....... you go first!


TC3 Oct 6, 2005 8:48 AM

Pointless as nearly all pics can be improved by using software and basically that is one of the main reasons in having a digi cam as far as i am concerned

IanWgglswrth Oct 6, 2005 3:17 PM

Most, if not all the photos I have posted are straight from the camera!

I have not edited or improved them in anyway as I don't really know what I'm doing :?and I can't be bothered to read up and find out.
I also think that most of the shots I've taken have been perfectly ok when I've printed them out.

I have only resized them to fit on this site.

So search around and take a look.

Cheers Ian

Kyocera Kid Oct 6, 2005 3:37 PM

Refreshingly honest and to the point ....Mon ami!


zeeshan Oct 6, 2005 10:50 PM

well, a hint for original photos is located in these replies......

if i got my m410r, i'll definitely post them original :D

but still, no such post to see the originals, actually, digicams' basic purpose is togive the good images without :idea:color editing or making it sharp :blah:

all the images i've seen here are like they are very very edited :(,

i've a link where you can see the original images, it'sa comparison b/w m410r and panasonic fz10 ...

but don't compare it with panasonic, just see m410r's images and tell what do u think about it... :?as those images are totally different and dull colors as compared to the images posted here with saturation and color techniques.. :roll:

:Pshare the truth or whatever it is.....


TC3 Oct 7, 2005 2:29 AM

zeeshan wrote:

actually, digicams' basic purpose is togive the good images without :idea:color editing or making it sharp
No....the digicams basic purpose is to capture images in digital format so that you have the choice to either leave them as they are or enchance them in a way that using film could never do.

Of course you may think that a "real" photo should not need any form of enchancement but in the real world, the digi cam is not capable of taking perfect photos due to limitations and so images need a step up in one direction or another.

The image that comes out of the camera will almost always benefit from editing if you are to be honest and after looking at your pics i see how dull they are and they could do with some adjustment

keeponrolling Oct 7, 2005 2:45 AM


As I've read this forum from severall months, this is my first post here.
First, please forgive my poor english, I'm french and the froggies are not very good foreign-language speakers ! (could this be their only defect ! :(:(:(:-):-)).

Accustomed to Canon digital cameras (Powershot A80 and EOS300D), I discovered the M410R as I was looking for a powerful zoom, fast power on and good burst mode.
And the Kyocera didn't deceive me !

The image quality is not very good, and I think the JPG compression in the camera is responsible of that, the sensor seeming to be quite acceptable.
Autofocus and light metering are, for me, very accurate and fast.
Color saturation and contrast are rather low, and most of the pictures need a little post-editing to reveal their finally good sharpness.

As the sensor is very small and the focal lenght quite long in zoom mode, this camera is very, very sensitive in atmospheric turbulence ! Pistures taken in hot air last summer are subliminal !:lol:

I take nearly all my pictures in Aperture mode (regretting he lack of fully manual mode).
I try to keep 100ISO as long as possible. But the noise is here !

These are some pictures, not edited at all.

Two of them have been resampled in order to remain in the upload limitation of Imageshack pictures, that's all.

You'll see that I spend my life in planes... Sure, I'm the driver !:G

The last one has been taken in flight over the south of France during the eclipse last monday.
The camera was set behind a solar filter (eclipse glasses given with a magazine).

keeponrolling Oct 7, 2005 3:19 AM

Could I just add that with a little editing, pictures from M410R can be attractive.

Kyocera Kid Oct 7, 2005 4:40 AM

Nice pics "Driver" ....... I agree with your last comment .....and that would apply to every other camera too! Not just the M410R.

I don't own Canons Panasonics Fujis or Sonys so I can't say if their pictures would make the M410R's look ............. " not very good ....."

..... but I can say I am very happy with the shots I am getting from the M410R compared to the shots I get with my Contax film cameras and my Zeiss lenses! That is my benchmark.

For a less biased :-)benchmark ....why not believe Steve's Digicams own reviews .....for he has been able to compare the M410R with far, far more cameras than any of us will ever own. I quote from his review ...........

"The lens produced sharp results throughout its zoom range, with a slight amount of barrel distortion at wide angle, and minimal pincushioning at full telephoto." ........

"The shooting performance of the M410R is very impressive for a camera in this class." ..............

"The ergonomics of the M410R are good, the controls are well placed and functional, and the menu system is easy to navigate.
"The 1.5-inch DayFine LCD works great outdoors, even on the brightest of days. When using the LCD or EVF in low-ambient lighting conditions, they "gain up" to increase visability, which helps you frame your subject in these conditions. " .......
"One thing Unlike other super-zoom cameras, the M410R's EVF and LCD do not freeze up or hesitate when the camera is trying to focus. This allows you to easily follow fast-moving subjects during continuous or rapid sequence capture." .........
"I was pleased with our outdoor samples, the majority of the images were sharp, well- exposed, and nicely saturated. There was an average amount of noise in low/high contrast areas, and I did notice an acceptable amount of CA (Chromatic Aberration) at full telephoto in high contrast areas. " ...........

"I was also pleased with our indoor test shots, skin tones appear very natural, and for the most part flash pictures were properly exposed. " ...........

This does not sound like a camera whose results would be regarded as "not very good" any notion of a normal "standard" I understand the use of the word standard!

I'm going to leave it at that can (and probably already have) read all the reviews yourself.

Looking back at this whole thread ....I am wondering what the purpose is? I certainly can't be to provoke competition among the regular readers of this sub-forum ...... any reader would realize that we are far too friendly (and intelligent?) to fall for that! :P........ We would all rather try to help each other than try to find who is the "best" in the forum!

I see that Zeeshan can not "go first" ....he does not have a M410R ..... I appreciate "Keeponrollings" braveness in jumping in here. If Zeeshan's motive for starting this thread is to use it to help him make up his mind whether to buy a M410R, or not, ..... I suggest he makes his mind up soon ....because there may be no more M410R's to buy .....or the latest innovations will make the decision harder ....... remember that Kyocera say they are leaving the consumer camera market ..... (although there is little evidence to believe that this will be the moment:-)) the supply of M410Rs are pretty low.

I also suggest that .... rather than random original shots, from random users with random ability, shooting random subjects with random conditions and random settings....... if you want to see aREAL comparison of untouched shots from the M410R and from other similar cameras ..... why not compare the excellent and consistent subject shots from Steve's Digicams own reviews. You know it makes sense!

Cheers, KK

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