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Time for my 2 pence worth

What we here is someone who wants KK or another user to say "Buy this camera" rather than a fuji Nikon etc then when it turns out to be not the one for him then itsKK's fault not his own.

As KK says there are lots of pics on this forum to show the capabilities of the M410r with or without some tweaking. if you dont like them then dont buy one.

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well thanks KK regarding all this....

i really appreciate your feedback...

cheers & always...,
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Hi everyone :lol:

back from a fantastic holiday.. bah...never mind wheni get chance i will uipload some piccies.

As far as this topic goes... i guess everything has been said. My suggestion? go with the camera that suits your needs. I have had a few dull pictures and a few exposures that were wrong... but in the end most of my pictures have been quite bright and what i would be happy to class as successful.

All of my pictures are untouched on the forum **unless i say otherwise** i always try and post them as they were taken with the exception of the resize for the forum. have a search through and have a look at them... i have a couple of posts in the picture section of steves forums also.

one additional reason not coveredin here for the pictures being perhaps a little dull?... most of us live in the UK!!! its always dull.... so the camera has to work hard to get the lighting right :lol:

anyway... lots to do... hopefully i'll have some time freed up to do some posting and talking on here

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