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Just read a post on another website and it seems like a good flash. I like the fact it is small and compact and still has a guide number of 22m. Canon do a similar thing which is not as good and has a guide number of 18m and costs 60 quid but i would rather have the Metz as it is quite a complex lil thing with several differnt modes and good control

However will see if it causes red eye

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This is what I use with pretty much any camera. A Vivitar 283 with slave eye and an output control module.

You can hold the rig with one hand way away from you while you fire the camera. Direct flash, or bounce.

Or if you're taking a lot of shots you set the flashon a tripod, or book case to bounce off the ceiling and cut the output power by 1 or2 stops. This shortens the flash so (in theory)it has cut off before the 410 unit, which then cuts off itself when it has the correct amount of light on the subject.

Because you'rebouncing off the ceilingthisabsorbs most of the 283 power, so effectively the 410 flash is filling in, but still'calls the shots' as far as dosing the light goes on the subjects' face.

There are slave/flashes you can buy which screw striaght into a 110V lightbulb socket. With a few of those strategically placed and aimed at the ceiling you could light a large room perfectly and never think about 'power' again.


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Classic Flashgun .... love it .... got one somewhere!

I still like my old Contax TLA30 .....good value for money .... and excellent tone and coverage....... mind you I remember many ...... many years ago a lovely little gun called the T32 from Olympus .....part of an excellent flash system.

But that was in the good old days when systems WERE systems!

It's great that people like you are finding more and more ways to use their equipment .... M410R and all ..... to get the results they want.

Cheers, KK
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