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Kyocera Kid Feb 13, 2005 12:33 PM

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Posting this on a new topic so as not to clog up the other ones!

All this long-shot stuff from other M410R users prompted me to do something I was thinking about for a week or so.

Imagine a very gloomy January afternoon in good old sunny Merseyside (toborrow from 5teve!)- threatening rain (maybe?). Shall I take my 410R out for a cycle ride? It hasn't been out for a day or two and might be feeling neglected ...... Why not, it can only get damper! :-)

The rain was still holding off as I ended up near the river Alt at Sefton Meadows.

Fleeting views of a strange bird in the distance, "hawking" over fields......oddflight I wasn't used to seeing.......bigger than an LBJ (:-)), I thought, at close to1/3 mile distance. Out with the bins! An Owl ! Hmm! Nice! ........ still an hours+ worth of light left, even though it was gloomy .....and cold.

Cycledcloser to the Alt and got the camera ready. Two Owls ......too big for Barn's ...... got to be ........ pan with the bins ....Yep Short-eared's. :cool:

Even at full zoom, most of the time they occupied a small portion of the EVF in the M410R .....better views in the Zeiss 7x42's. What the heck ....go for it .......set aperture to wide open, ISO 200, multiple shot drive.

The following 11 shot sequence, was a slow pan, 3 to 4 seconds, the bird was only a small image even at maximum optical zoom (hand held). I picked 4 of the best shots to merge into the background of the panoramic, adjusting the gamma to get the best colour fit!

I then "cut and pasted" the other shots of the bird in the correct places. This panorama shows the bird at about 1/2 size from the original shots and is "mirrored" to provide a western, left-to-right preference!

Naturally,this is also a very slim letter-box selection. Anyone is welcome to the full 1.2MB, 100% sizemontage by email, if they want to inspect closer.

The bird was a good distance from me ..... I estimate between 80 and 120m, and it was gloomy! Hats off to the M410R! :D

Ill post another sequence later and a sample single shot (resized) to see the proportion the bird occupies in the frame.

Apologies in advance if I get this loooooong image up!

Cheers, KK.

Kyocera Kid Feb 13, 2005 12:46 PM

Bruce .......

I was hoping it would appear in the message ..... it doesn't :cry:

Can you not click on the bit that says attachment ............?

You might have to be "Logged in"

Cheers KK

Kyocera Kid Feb 13, 2005 12:48 PM

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Here is a 100% extacted sequence from the panoramic.

Cheers, KK

Kyocera Kid Feb 13, 2005 12:51 PM

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....and here is an original shot, mirrored to match the others, at 25% of original .... just to show the proportion the bird occupies.

Cheers, KK

IanWgglswrth Feb 13, 2005 1:34 PM

Nice shot KK,

You should of worn the gear you have on in your Avitar, you could have got closeenough to take a macro of the owl! :-)If you had used my aux telephoto he would of been flying perfectly straight:lol:

I bet you wish you had a camera that could do all of that post processing!

I just can't seem to get into all of that image manipulation stuff. Seems too much like hard work.(I don't understand most of it :?


Kyocera Kid Feb 13, 2005 1:44 PM

Straight as an Owl ...... Ho! Ho!

There is stitching software ..... but it would not be able to do what I wanted in the first panoramic!

Out of interest, Ian ....I take it you can seethe two attachments (SEOpanxx.jpg and SEOseq100.jpg) ..... it could just be that BruceMcL was not logged in .....I hope!

Cheers KK

IanWgglswrth Feb 13, 2005 1:48 PM

Yes KK,

I can see both attachments.


TC3 Feb 13, 2005 2:23 PM


I can see the pics also. I am impressed with the first looks are good at using software i see ....i would like to see more of that sort of stuff when ypu get round to it


Kyocera Kid Feb 13, 2005 2:32 PM

Thanks Tony .....the second one was only just a quick way of showing the bird full sized.

This little camera is a joy to use ...... under lots of different situations ...... we can see that from the range of pics that everyone posts.

Must try playing around at full opt + digi zoom like Ian's shots ...... and try some night scenes too!


TC3 Feb 13, 2005 2:42 PM

I deleted them...but i took some full zoom and full digi pics at a bay in Cornwall on a trip there and for hand held shots they came out well!...shame i deleted them but it showed that i can get away with extreme tele pics if the need arises


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