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I have a Kyocera S5R and love the features and the pictures it takes.. BUT the battery life is absolutely abismal. Do I have a defective camera OR is there a trick with this camera to getting better battery life. It seems I can only take about 15 pictures with the flash enabled and the battery dies. I understand this camera's battery life is bad BUT this is ridiculous!

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Hmmm ....... I hadthe S3X andthe S3L, from the same family of cameras and while the battery life was not totally brilliant ...it wasn't bad on either of them! On par with many other makes, so I'm told. Here are the official figures ....which look about right, going by my cameras.

Power: 3.6V 1000mAh lithium ion battery, AC adapter

Battery Capacity:LCD monitor on: Approx. 130 frames,

LCD monitor off: Approx. 160 frames

(using flash 50% of the time, 2560 x 1920 normal)

Do you know the history of the battery? Is it new and not yet settled in? You should expect to have to go through around 5 full cycles of discharge and recharge before the battery gets close to its full potential. That's not flatten it, top it up, flatten it, top it up etc .....all on the same day, BTW! Just normal use . This is not peculiar to Kyocera .... it seems to apply to all Li-ion batteries.

Is the battery older .... i.e. maybe secondhand, or used as a demo in the shop etc etc? Can you be sure it has not been abused in some way? :P

If the answer to the above two points is NO....... then you may have a duff battery or less likely, a duff camera. Speakto your supplier to find out how to rectify these potential problems.

Cheers, KK
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The camera i have is brand new and so is the battery. So you are saying batteries need to be cycled through before they reach their full storage capacity? I have never heard of this but would not be surprised.

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i used to get around 150 with my s4.... so i would say cycle the battery a few times..... making sure its left on for a while after it says its charged. by the way how long is it taking to get charged?

if it doesnt improve then you definitly have an issue!

as a little side note. i used to have 3 spare batteries for my s4 i got them off ebay from singapore at £3 a pop..... they were very good and lasted longer than the genuine kyocera!

i now have a lovely M410r that uses bog standard aa's and with a set of 2400 it lasts for around 300 shots
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