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Old Mar 10, 2009, 6:44 PM   #1
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Hi Guys.. long time no speak (or type should i say)

hope the old crowd are all ok and weathering the financial storm that seems to be hitting us all! I guess even later than the other post i ought to say happy new year!

Things are good here in Aus still... and we are now citizens.. so i really ought be starting posts with "g'day cobber.. "

Well.. i have this week defected from kyocera as the little m410r is slowly dying with an odd hot pixel showing up here and there.. i guess with over 15000 shots to its name its not bad going, and its still a very speedy camera that will get used as long as it works. it really has produced some stunning shots..

Which way have i defected? well not the usual canikonolyony i have gone Pentax! a K20d!

Reasons were price, weather sealing, its unusual but underrated (like the kyocera) and pentax have a long history of great lenses (like yashica / contax) and the K20 has the ability to utilise them all..

so far i havent done much with it, but its a whole new world to get used to.. i'll get there tho..

Well.. i guess that my update :-)hope your all happily biking away too!


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Hi Steve .... the "old" crowd are still old ... but still OK! :-)

15000 shots ..... Cor! Only managed half that on mine ....but I guess I'd have to add in the 3000+ on the Contax SL300RT* and a few more thou I shoton the other M410R that Angie bagged and I haven't seen sight nor sound of since (except once when she admitted cracking the battery cover and wanted a couple of pieces of inner-tube to act as a repair!) :P

I keep thinking I should be looking at a more up to date model than the 4MP the M410R offers ... your Pentax can add another 10MP, I see! But as you say, the little blighter keeps on going and producing some very nice shots ....so I've kept the wallet closed (nearly always closed, some might say!)

I'm waiting for a mate to come back home from a world cruise at the end of the month.... he got a Fuji S2100 and I'm looking forward to seeing the results. Anyway .... from what the so called present dayYashica Co have to offer .....unless you want a cuddly point'n'shoot ... you'd have to defect! Hmmmm, some cynics might say my SL300RT* is a cute little point'n'shoot!

I'm a happy biking bunny ..... 2000 miles on the Carrera Kraken and haven't broken one item yet ... still seems a smooth as the day I bought it, a year ago. Now a year of riding with my butt and not busting anything is a record ... one the poor old Claud Butlers couldn't match! It would have been nearer 4000 miles this year but had to do the rest on an old bruiser ... taking the Carrera to college would have invited a near instant theft! Measured the chain the other week .....little sign of wear, about 1/32 inch over 12 full links ....pretty good eh for 2000 miles. I get on the old bruiser and wonder why it feels like there are no brakes ... the hydraulic discson the Kraken stop you like a brick wall when needed ...(more often than you'd think in the suburbs!)

Shall we see some shots here ... or do we have to migrate to the Pentax subforum to see 'em! :?Yours KK
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Old Sep 3, 2009, 3:37 PM   #3
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Hi Steve and KK,
A very long time since I've been about.
Lots happened since my last visit...namely having a discectomy....slipped discs are not good!!!!
Had the operation a year ago and my leg and back still hurt!
Not really done much photography in that time, taken a few macro shots of my model trains but thats about it.
Hope your all doing well.


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