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schloeglt Aug 26, 2002 3:24 AM

Kyocera Finecam S4 Image Rotate
Does anybody know how to make a Selection of Pictures on the pc and send it back to the camera ? I would like to use my S4 and its TV-out to show pictures to my friends. The problem is, that when I rotate a picture on the pc the camera can't display it anymore! Even if I use a 'lossless rotation' to leave the Exif-Information untouched.:(

Additional Information: when I rotate the picture on the S4 the image is not really rotated, only the exif-information 'orientation' is changed - so the camera displays the image correct, but on the pc the picture still isn't rotated.

[Edited on 8-26-2002 by schloeglt]

[Edited on 8-26-2002 by schloeglt]

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