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my 6th grade teacher had one with what i beleive to have been a 135mm maby 105mm.it was 68/69 school year.i was hooked the minute i was allowed to hold it and shoot a frame or 2.were did the brand go to from there?:idea:
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I purchased a TLR from Yashica when I was on Okinawa in the late 60s, to go along with my Rollei TLR and Nikon rangefinder. But by 1973 Yashica had made serious strides in so-called "electronic" cameras and had entered into collaboration with legendary Zeiss to design and makeoutstanding SLR optics.

So in 1975 I purchased two (Yashica) Contax RTS bodies (SLR) and several lenses to replace my aging mechanical Nikon and TLR cameras, and use them to this day when I shoot film. The outstanding-at-the-time Zeiss C/Y (Contax/Yashica) bayonet-mount T* (tee-star) lenses worked on both the Yashica and Contax SLRs and were extremely popular among professionals and advanced amateurs for many years. The Yashica-branded FX and FR cameras were also excellent,but less expensive than their bigger Contax siblings. Additionally, there was a plethora of professional accessories, including power winders, filters, releases, etc.

Ultimately, in the mid-80s, Yashica went back to mid-road sales with lesser-able cameras made by other companies (Cosina and Kyocera). Then, sadly, sometime around 2005 all Contax and Yashica branded cameras appeared to cease production.

The Contax RTS and RTS II were outstanding cameras, and I was especially fond of my T* lenses. However, with the death of Contax/Yashica, I ultimately joined the Canon dSLR ranks with their superb "L" glass. Not as good as Zeiss lenses, IMHO, but still outstanding!
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june 1960 i was tranfered to 1st amtrac bn 3rd mar div fmf OKINAWA. 1st payday thier i bought a yashica slr and a couple lens ,1prime 1,7 i believe and a small tel loved that camera ,i carried it for years tell late 66 when it was destroyed when my amtrac ran over a land mine, soon as i gt out of the hospital i bought a yashica mat 124 g and a new fancy 35mm bu never liked the 35 ,LOVED the 124 twin reflex great cameras . now i have a a2oo and a a350, 6 old minolta lens 3 sony lens and 2 tamon ld asp 18/200 on the 200 and a 250 on the 350 still have and shoot the 124 g semper fi sbd
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