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HI guys,

Yes, it was a funny angle in the one I sent in. I just sent one that was a little more exaggerated so you could see. It does happen straight on also just at a lesser extent. It is better without the adapter ring. I just don't want to have to take it off if a photo opportunity arises. I usually leave the ring on as it protects the lens.

Thank you 5teve I really appreciate your help and kind comments. I am just asking questions and trying to find out if I had a defective camera or if others have this issue. I am not trying to complain and do not want to get rid of camera unless after much use it does not fit my needs.

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Hello guys need a little more help. I took a bunch of photos yesterday and seem to be having a little trouble with learning how to focus this camera on my intended subject.

The camera has the [ ] and I aim that at my subject and half press the shutter to pre focus and it always seems something other than my subject is in focus. I will attach a sample of what I am talking about. I hope after resizing the issue will still be evident. The only other real camera I have practice with is my fuji and it had the [+] and you could put the + right on the subject and it works wonderfully. I have never had trouble focusing on my subject. But, that camera does not have continuous shots until card is full and is only a 3.2 MP. This Kyocera was recommended to me to stick within my budget and because of the continuous so I am hoping you guys can help me fix this :blah:

Also my photos seem grainy. I have it set at fine and at the largest file size so I can print quality photos if needed. But, as of now they are too grainy for printing so I would like to figure out what I am doing wrong.:?

Attached Images
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Hi Elizabeth

I downloaded your pic to check your camera's settings.

The focusing problem was due to the fact that the camera was set to landscape. This keeps the camera focused at infinity i.e most didtant objects. You must have hit the switchat the back that rotates between normal, macro and landscape modes.

Also the grain issue may be due to the fact that the camera took the pic at iso 200 when probably 100 or less would have done.I don't know if this is sue to the fact that you adjusted this manually in the Ext mode or because the camera focused on the dark shady background and automatically preferred the 200 setting.

The grain problem seems to be an issue with higher resolution cameras and cameras with 5mp or more seem to suffer even more .-Not dslr.

But in my opinion this pic should come out perfectly good.

So probably you will get higher resolution with this cam but the noise might be a bit more noticable than the s5000 fugi.You can reduce this with software easyly

Hope I was of some help.



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Hi folks ....... I'm back off holiday ...... I can see you lot have been busy!

Looks like everyone has done a grand job with Star2Nite's questions .... if there are any outstanding issues - let me know.

Just a couple of points .... to make sure thatforum membersdo not get the idea that the M410R will only work with a card reader! It will work perfectly well without one.

Issues regarding downloading images from the camera to the computer will hardly ever be caused by a problem with the camera, or the memory card, or the lead, or even the computer hardware! It will nearly always be with the software!

As Steve says ..... XP needs no software from Kyocera to recognise the camera as a DRIVE.......! The Drive should contain folders ....and the lowest level folder should contain the image files. It might be a case for altering the settings within XP to get it to work properly ..... but I'm no expert on XP ..... but I do know it probably won't be the camera! If it is of any consolation ..... the forums are littered with such messages regarding this type of problem for all makes and models of cameras (and other devices!) ...... sorry but this doesn't make your M410R problem any better does it!

Win98 drivers are supplied with the camera and seem to work with no problem for me. I had no issues with following the instructions to load them on my Win98SE machine. (However I did get some funny results when I loaded the drivers for the SL300RT* on as well! But then the problems seemed to disappear by themselves later....somehow!)

So ...just to repeat ....the camera does not require a card reader to work ..... a card reader just bypasses some of Mr Gates's so-so software (or so-so documentation!). You will have to make your own mind up which will wear quicker ...... the contacts on the camera which mate with the memory card ..... or the contacts within the socket that mate with the USB lead .... either way you are pullingsome contacts apart the same number of times:-)

Do not try to delete or alter and save any of the image files directly on this drive ....copy them to your hard disc and play with them there. That goes for all digital cameras AFAIK .... not just the M410R.

Gerrard's brilliant observation that blocking the flash sensor might be causing the dark flash problems seems to hold true ....if a little confusing to say the least .... I'll expand on that below. I noticed that I was getting dark flash photos when I had either my large lens hood on, or my wide-angle supplementary lens on. The flash was obviously bouncing back off these devices and fooling the sensor to think that there was sufficient flash ...and there wasn't! This is to be expected!

However ...... covering the flash sensor on most flash GUNS will result in the flash firing at full power ....ususally resulting in an over-exposed shot ...... not under-exposed as Gerrard's experiment seems to confirm! This over-exposure problem is caused by the sensor seeing no reflected light and therefor allowing the gun to continue with its light output until it can provide no more. So, I can not figure out why covering the sensor on the M410R would result in under-exposure ... as indeed it appears to do on my camera as well! I will investigate!

If you really want to see if the dark shadow is caused by the lens at short distances ...you might have to do one of those Police Squad setups .... where they use red wool or red sticks to trace the path of the bullets back to source ....... that will show you if the lens is getting in the way! :-)

That'll do for now. Cheers, KK

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hey KK welcome back!


Are you using the camera in EXT mode? if you are then go into the settings after pressing menu and lock the iso to 100... if thats what level you wish to be using. fiddle around with the exposure and focus settings too... sometime spot focus works better for me other times the other one does (not got my cam and cant remember :?) i have noticed a few times that it does knock itself back to iso 200 when i dont think it needs too. i guess it does it to keep the shutter speed high.

i'd also guess that you are using an lcd? its a long shot but i have noticed that pictures look far grainier on a LCD than they do on a CRT.

to help rescue the one you have got already try neatimage... its free for non commercial use..


its pretty powerful... but can ruin a picture too and make it look too plastic.

hope thats of some help anyway.....


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