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mr_vandepotgerukt Jan 9, 2005 3:23 PM

Lo all,

I have been searching some time now for a tele and wide angle converter
for myM410r (i never want to miss a good shot again).
Due to the lack of any decent shop in the region (there are actually two shops
in my city but they are even more stupid than a piggs arse(sorry for that).
salesmen know completely nothing, everytime i ask for something it seems
not to exist ?? they call themselves professional and they have never heard of
cokin filters, say that slave flashes do not exist, so don't bother asking them
for converters...Sorry back to the real issue had to get that of my chest....

I have now stumbled in a nice shop just across the border in Germany onto converters made by soligor.
I tried the 65075 0.7x wide angle and the 65200 2x tele. on first sightthey
lookedreally nice no vignetting with the wide angle on the camera's widest angle
andthe tele gave sharp result. I have only been able to juge themfrom the lcdas
i could not take any pictures (forgot the bloody sd-card grrrrr.:mad:)
Only disadvantage is that they were silver...

Does anyone know more about soligor or these lenses ???
I will be going back later this month to shoot some tests with these lenses
so if anyone is interested let me know i'll post the photos...



gerrard Jan 10, 2005 3:50 PM

I recently bought a UV and a polarized 52 mm blackfilter (jessops make) from the sameshopI bought the camera. The guy there {Its a shop in the village of Birkirkara, Malta} is a photographer himself and a real professional. I have enquiried about wide angle and telephoto lensses but currently he does not have any in stock, though he should get them later this month.

I dont know what make or anything about them. if I have any information I will post it here.

jmerciec Jan 22, 2007 8:53 AM

can you give me the address of the shop in birkirkara, malta
i live in malta and am looking for a shop that sells jessops items.


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