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Hello everyone.

I currently own a panasonic fz10 and am very dissapointed that the camera will not take filters or add on lenses without an adapter that is impossible to get hold of in the u.k.

I am thinking of buying the m410r because it comes with an adapter supplied.could anyone please tell me what make of lenses i could use with the supplied adapter and also what size filters it takes.

thanks alot in advance.

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I haven't used any lenses but I have 52mm UV and polarizing Jessopsfilters
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ACROSS - check thru some of the prior "files" or discussions here, as there are a few on that subject. I followed one 410 user's (KK, I think) and bought an old set of Yashica lenses of Ebay - got a wide angel and telephoto lens for under $20.00, including shipping. However, it requires a step-up ring, which I have not taken the time to get yet, as I have already been spending way too much $$ on this new toy.

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Raynox are also another option of lense....pricey but they are meant to be real good
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Don't forget the humble "Close up" lens, simple, cheap and compact.

Other possibilities are ....... other camera lenses reverse attached via a filter/filter adapter, slide duplicators, telescopes - Birdie and Astro and Microscopes.

As TC3 says .... Raynox seems to be the way to go (see Close-up threads in this and other forums) if serious money is to be spent on Macro/Close-up. Other makes seem to get variable reviews ...... ain't seen a bad one yet for a Raynox!

One good thing (of many!)about the M410R is that I have no worries about hanging a reasonable weight off the adapter tube, or allowing the camera's weight to hang off other devices. The constructionis very good and, of course, does not hang anything directly off the lens. I might draw the limitat not allowing the camera to holdthe weight of my C8 8inch diameter Schmidt Cassegrain ...... but allow the telescope to hold the camera instead ....He! He! :-)

Oh! If you ever get an M410R .... let us know what you think compared with the FZ10 ..... we'd love to hear.

Cheers, KK
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