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I won an Ebay auction for a 256 MB SD card ($43.00, free shipping). Seller is MD Comp Xchange/Maryland Computer Xchange. They sent a 256 MB compact flash card, not an SD. I emailed them and they replied, apologizing, and said they'd send the right card, upgrading it to 512 for free. They did in fact send a 512 - but it was another CF!!!

I emailed them again. They did not respond. I emailed them again, sending a pic of the SD card from their Ebay posting, and a pic of the two cards they sent me. I thought they'd be able to see the difference. I stated if they did not respond within 24 hours, I would contact my credit card company. They replied, stating they had sent me the correct card!!!!

Tonight I called them to discuss the problem. They did not have a clue about memory cards! I had to explain to them the difference between the CF and SD!!!:? They asked me to return the two CFs andthey'd send the 512 SD. I'm holding on to the CFs until I receive the SD card. I will also ask them to pay for the shipping to get the other cards back.

This seller lists a lot of cards on Ebay. Use them at your own risk.


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Spot on Stewart.

I usually don't care for "Don't buy from them" stories as any company, even very reputable and highly recommended ones can have an off moment. Their "class" is often displayed by how well they deal with their mistakes! (which should be reported too - as a good point!)

But this company were givenseveral opportunities to correct their incompetence and deserve to be named. I would have been almost humorous, if your money had not been involved! I suppose they could be mildly praised for offering the free upgrade .... but who really wants the hassle of the double disappointment you had to deal with!

Good luck, and thanks for posting ... it'll make us think! KK
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Tip: Use Newegg.com. Just ordered a 512Meg SD card with 60x transfer rate (10MB/sec) for less than $40. It arrived the next day.
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I just ordered from Maryland Computer Xchange on ebay. Boy are they on the ball! My item got here in no time at all and it was just as described in the description. The shipping was free too! Can it get any better than that? I don't think so.

- want a Mitsubishi Eclipse

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