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I'm about to buy a new camera but obviously need some advise. I previously had a SL300RT which I loved but I managed to break it. I've had lots of valuable advice from Kyocera Kid amongst others so thought yet again I'd use your expertise.

I would like something in a handy size with as many pixels as I can for my money (if thats what makes a picture better ?). Ideally I'd like one which I could use my old memory cards from the SL300 in (I think they're SD cards). Finally I dont want to spend too much up to about £150 ish.

Any recommendations ?

Thanks in advance
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Hi Platti

I can't be specific on models .... but could give you a few tips. Keeping in mind you liked the SL300RT, you could start your hunt for a replacement by following some simple rules.

1) Make a list of features of the camera that are "must haves". For example ...."A= at least a 3x optical zoom, B=Compact body, C=must use SD cards ....etc etc.

Be driven by what you intend to use it for rather than by price.

2) Make a similar list of "would be nice to have".

3) Use Steve's Digicams "Best Camera" reviews to narrow down the search by (for example) looking in the "Ultra Compact" or "5-7 Megapixel" ranges.

4) either find the camera that has the most "ticks" on your two lists above that fits your budget ...... or splash out on the camerawith all the "ticks" regardless of price!

If you can't find one within your budget that has all your "must have" ticks ....consider looking at used items from reputable dealers or even Ebay with high feedback ratings. You could always try to locate another SL300RT :-)

Sorry I can't be more specific. Cheers, KK

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