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What a great shot! I have a question.

What exactly do you have to do so that the sun does not overexpose the shot and ruin it?

Everytime I tried taking pictures of the sunset the sun would come out chaky or look too bright or blurry.

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Thanks goomer and xoxox - [sorry for the late reply, I've been a bit [LOT] busy]

xoxox, I usually shoot in raw mode, which allows for a fair bit of post processing adjustment, althoughexcellent shots are obtainedby almost any reasonable camera. bhammit [Bob] has exceptional sunset/sunrise shots takenwith a point-and- shoot1.3meg and an Olympus 3meg [I think], before going for a DSLR. To answer the question, I expose the sun correctly, mostly by taking a shot and looking at the results, and then maybe doing a bit of levels adjustment, and if necessary, a bit of contrast masking if the shadows are too dark. If the sun is overexposed, there's nothing you can do to undo the burnout, however, if the sun is correctly exposed, you can do a little to bring out the detail of the landscape
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