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Most people think of Australia as dusty and dry but it is not everywhere. Eight months of the year where I live in south west of western Aust, it is fairly green. I am close to the coast, my home is only one kilometre from the harbour. In land from here gets dry and stays dry longer.

This shot is taken about one hours drive from my home, inland and this is where lack of water can be a problem

25 to 30 minutes from home, great grazing land, lots of cattle and sheep out here and a lot of wineries.

I looked out the front door of my house a while back (it is winter here) and this was the scene. Drizzel rain and the hills we live under hidden

These flowers grow on the sand dunes of our beaches, not the best photo, hubby was praticing macro for the first time

we are big on wine in this area

wild daisies on the road side

our local river (one of two that run through our town)
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thanks for sharing. Nice photos from the other side of the world than I am from.
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I like the local river shot. The muted colors and the reflections are wonderful.

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Thank you for sharing. I have to agree about the river. The one that runs through here isn't as clean... Actually it's not that bad. At one point it had shopping trolleys in it, now it has fish. Lots of ducks there and a couple of swans. Maybe I should go and take some pictures, I ride past it almost every day.

You're right bout most people thinking of it as dry and dusty, but most of it is isn't it? I thought that in the built up areas it was green but in most of the inhabited parts it was dry? Then again, your not a million miles from New Zealand. A place that I think of as very green and full of water.

Tell your husband that one of the most valuable tools in macro photography is your finger. Sometimes in auto-focus (which is all my camera has) it will focus on something behind what you want it to. If you stick your finger on what you want it to focus on and press the button half way it will focus on your finger. Remove the finger and take the picture.
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Nice shots, I like the river shot too. :-)

Ferny, nice tip for the macro shots. :-)
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Most of Australia is pretty dry but even in the interior it is not as arid as most people think with green oasis water holes etc, most people live on the coast in Australia and thats where you get the nice green shots. Im heading over to Queensland to see my sister sometime in the next 6 months and it is tropical where she lives (about and hour out of Cairns) with a wet and dry season. Ive never been over there, it's a seven hour flight and from what Im told worth it for the great shots one can get over there.
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