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pjohnc Aug 28, 2004 4:10 PM

Sorry about the last two posts that don't seem to be working.

Can anyone tell me why my post is showing a file name and not an image ?

GoCubs Aug 28, 2004 6:56 PM

Your posts have the image in them, you just need to resize them smaller. If they are to large they don't show up unless the link is clicked and the pic downloaded. They have to be under 250400 bytes to show up in the thread.

pjohnc Aug 30, 2004 2:58 AM

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Thanks, GoCubs.

Let's see if they appear now :?

pjohnc Aug 30, 2004 3:04 AM

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No, still doesn't work :?.

When I press the "SEND" button I go straight toa page that says "Web page cannot be displayed, etc"

Will try attaching the other one, which is 138kb to this post, and then I think I had better give up and stop spoiling this forum !:sad:

pjohnc Aug 30, 2004 12:48 PM

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Getting somewhere gradually !!

After above post failed. I got some advice in another thread.

After resizing the image to 640 x 479 and a 52 kb file I produced a slightly wider strip of sky.

I then edited the above post having compressed the image at 40 percent, giving a 19kb file.

Now here goes with a 15 percent compression - 11 kb file . . . Stand back . . .

pjohnc Aug 30, 2004 12:52 PM

Well, that is not the answer, is it !

Every time I press send I still get a screen which says something to the effect of Page not available - check your browser settings. Could it be some security setting that is fouling things up ?

Please help me someone :cry:

geoffs Aug 30, 2004 2:59 PM

Just testing, John...

As you can see, the above image shows up just fine. The difference is that this image was posted using the Insert Image rather than the Browse... method of uploading the image. The source image is the one posted on your webshots gallery.

I don't know why uploading the image directly to Steve's server isn't working for you, but I do know that using webshots as the image server works for you, so use it for now.

(Edit: Well, that's interesting, John. When I first linked to your webshots image it posted here no problem, but now it is not showing up. Does webshots have a policy against linking to images posted on their site? It certainly seems so, unless you've deleted the image since I linked to it. I suggest you go to one of the photo sharing sites that do allow linking and use that site to serve up your photos)

(Edit2: And now it's showing. Don't understand that...)

ferny Aug 30, 2004 3:16 PM

I'll bring myself over to this thread then.

John (if I may call you that for short) it could be your ISP, your firewall, this server or this forum software. Can you give us some details? I'd say it's far more likely to be this forum software or this server. Or a combination of both. Given that you (and others) only have problems here. And as Geoffs said, if hosting somewhere else is working, use that. You get the added bonuses of letting other non-forum members see your photos online as only registered users can see images hosted by this site, you can post them at other forums, they're categorised for you so are easy to find and they work. :lol:

If you want to host your images elsewhere, two well-used and free places are and
fotopic will compress your file after you upload it, resulting in some loss of quality. But it does a good job of compressing all things considered!
photobucket has an upload limit. All images must be under 250k or they will be re-sized.

pjohnc Aug 30, 2004 5:19 PM

Just one more quick post before I drop into bed !

Geoffs, my pic is NOT showing for me - just a big black box with a tiny red 'X' in the corner. I think maybe Webshots do guard against 'borrowing'

Ferny, thanks for your help. I have replied to your post on the other thread, but to save you swapping back,I use as my ISP, my firewall is the free version of Zone Alarm.

Tomorrow I will try what I can do with those other image hosts you mention, but for now . . . Goodnight.

Tired John :sleep:

ferny Aug 31, 2004 4:18 AM

Good night....Good morning. :lol:

I never knew Tesco did the internet. I was expecting you to say AOL or BT. I would, if you're having constant problem at other places to, suggest contacted them. They may have some weird filter on that stops people uploading or something. But I'd still put money on it being this forum alone. ZoneAlarm shouldn't give you problems, and if it did it would do it at other places to. I use ZoneAlarmPro.

And for future reference to make things easier for you. Hosting an image at one place and posting it at another is called "Hotlinking". Some places allow you to do this, others won't. fotopic and photobucket are designed for doing this so you won't get any problems when trying to.

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