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Default 3 Panoramas of snow and ice and cold weather in Norway:

Having just posted an almost similar thread in the HDR-Forum; http://forums.steves-digicams.com/hd...ke-norway.html - I realized that too much is too much - at least in one place.

That's why i have split up this series and posted another 3 HDR-Panoramas her in the Landscape-Forum as well. Not everyone is interested in HDR specificly.
All shots are different, but done the same day, Ultimo december 2009 -- when we had a seriouse cold-spell for 2 weeks, after some heavy snowfall.

Now, some people think that snow and ice is rather fun and a bit exotic. I suppose, if you live in the Tropics, it might just look that way - but belive me - its not so much fun after 14 days of sever cold, day and night! A simple task like dressing yourself in the morning, can be an ordeal with all the layers of woolen clothes....

Anyway, lets have some fun and look at these panoramas, then! ;-)

# 1 - The big panorama, made out of 3 HDR-panels, stitched together. It shows both docks - Kaj's dock on the left and Erik's dock on the right - and the beach in between.

A bit smaller, if you have smaller screen resolutions:

# 2 - A 2-panel panorama:
The dock in the left, seen here. This dock owned by Kaj, an old hand fisherman, fishing mackerell in the summer and lobster and langustines in the winter. He was also a passionate eel-fisher, but to his regret, the government put a ban on eel-fishing because there were so few left!

# 3 - A 2-panel panorama.
This is one of the oldest docks here in my area. It's called the Baardsen-docks (Baardsen-brygga) after the old family that owned it. Now it's Erik's dock and I keep my boat out there during summer time.

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these are great again. #1 is a great view and i like all versions you have posted of this shot, just a very photogenic place.

but #2 is my favorite, its a different view than the others you have posted and gives a unique perspective. i like the diagonal line created by the dock.

lovely set again.
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Very lovely scenes, Walter. They look blissfully calm. Thank you for sharing.
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Nice to see the two panoramos from the HDR-thread stitched together (EDIT: not exactly the same, but almost ) - very well done, Walter, as usual

#2 is something a bit different - and a very good example for the things I've said about the mood your photos convey. Calm and tranquil. Really beautiful
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Thanks everybody for kind words of appreciation!
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Number gets my vote. The elements just grab you and hold your attention.
That's even though it looks as cold as &^%$^&(.
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