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When I was twenty, I was stationed just south of the City, in NJ. I remember roaming through some rough areas with my army buddies (usually six of us), and everyone was very friendly on the street. I remember thinking there was WAY too much concrete for my comfort. City life..you have to love it to live it.

The last pic is a scene that brings back memories of being in that neighborhood forty years ago. I agree with The Barbarian, shows life and great light.
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Hi, Walter -- thanks for the link! I'm actually a big fan of the duo. I have their albums on CDs with a mix of vinyls. I've been listening to them since I was a little kid.

Thanks, Hards80! I took the pics from Sutton Place -- another neighborhood in Manhattan, like "Hell's Kitchen", "Tudor City", and many others. Thanks to Google Maps' satellite images I would not have known there are small squares/parks with a good view of East River starting at 55th Street.

Thanks, The Barbarian and Hawgwild! Yes, if I were coming from the street on the left and saw the bridge, I'd be like, whoa who dropped the bridge there shouldn't that be on the river?

#5) Sutton Place Park on 57th Street. There are others like this on 56th and 55th.
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