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Kanji Feb 26, 2005 1:42 AM

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found this farm for sale

Kanji Feb 26, 2005 1:46 AM

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here's another pixture I took the same day

Kanji Feb 26, 2005 1:47 AM

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And one more..........

Kanji Feb 26, 2005 12:17 PM

Thanks Bob, the area around here at this time of year has so many potential good pictures awaiting to be snapped. Photograhy is a great hobby to have around here be cause of that. I just can't do them real justice.

calr Feb 26, 2005 12:44 PM

Great shots! I love the color and atmosphere. Only one question. Where is the silo mentioned in the title?

RodneyBlair Feb 26, 2005 5:09 PM

Great shots, but where is the Silo? :D


Golfer Feb 26, 2005 7:59 PM

:cool: Great photos kanji, I really like these. Great color and richness. Composition looks good as well, you worked it out pretty good.
Tnanks for sharing.

Kanji Feb 27, 2005 12:08 AM

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Sorry here is the one I meant to put up, I guess that is a silo.

jeffm Feb 27, 2005 12:34 AM

Great stuff. I like the effects.

WisconsinGirl Feb 28, 2005 4:30 PM

The realtors out there should contract your work...they'd have no trouble making sales! Another amazing set of shots! Love the first one the best.

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