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Default Barrier Lake hiking pics

October in Alberta usually means the hiking season is coming to an end. However yesterday it turned out to be one of the nicest days so far this year (23'C and not a single cloud in the sky) and gave me the oppertunity to take some nice pictures in an area I have never explored before. Barrier Lake is in the Kananaskis valley about a 45minute drive west of Calgary. The hike I decided to go on wasn't much of a trail, more of a path not taken by alot of people. Its to the top of what would be called a mountain else where but in the area I was its basically just a large steep hill. The part thats nice about it is its situated right in the middle of the valley and is surrounded by the lake on 3 sides making for what I had hoped would be some nice pictures and a great hike. Here are some of the better ones (I hope) I managed to get from what turned out to be my physically toughest hike (about 4-5km's up then down on 20-70% grades) to date with the camera.

This one is basically from the parking lot looking dirrectly west across the lake:

again from the parking lot but looking dirrectly east:

Same mountian but about 1/2 the way up the hill:

This is one from a nice rock overhang almost at the top of the hill facing north/north-west. Where I was here it was about an 80-90% grade for about 500-600 feet off the edge. In other words, you fall your toast:

Facing dirrectly north from the top leading edge of the hill. All along the west and north edge of this hill is basically sheer cliff. Where this one is taken the drop is around 800-1000' I would guess straight down. The picture can't do the view justice:

And finally the last one...and the one that scared me a little to take as im very, very affraid of heights. This one is from the north-west edge. Being that the lake and the river before it wrapped around this side its extremely steep. I figure it was at least 1200' to the trees below which are full grown and about 60-80' tall on their own:

All shots where taken with an Olympus C-750UZ using an Olympus CLA4 lens adapter, Hoya 55mm didymium filter and the Olympus Wcon 0.7x wide angle lens. ACDSee 6.0 was used for minor editing like auto colour/contrast.
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Very nice pics and wonderfil colors
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Amazing photos tkmckay, love the details...now You are making me want to go back to the Banff/Jasper area to take some shots :!:

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Well done, TMMckay

The lake draws me in...it "says"....

"Come in for a brief dip before ice again covers my waters."

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Thank you for the kind words!

koruvs, I still haven't made it that far into the mountains so far since I have purchased this new camera... maybe monday or tuesday if I can get out of my classes a little early.

gibsonpd3620, it was definately the colours from the dirrect sunshine that inspired me to go on this little hike. I was actually extremely happy with the way they turned out since its extremely close to what they actually looked like and required almost no post-work. Maybe the didymium filter had something to do with it, as this was the first time I have really used it since purchasing it a while back. I guess I should have taken some shots without it to see if it infact really did help bring out some of the colours.... Ah next time!

digcamfan, im not totally sure what the water temperture is but im sure it looks alot warmer than it actually is. :P Hmmmm.... maybe I will have to venture in for a little polar-bear swim action next time im there to find out! :lol:
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