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tonio2000 Feb 12, 2004 2:27 PM

the branches
I made this shot in a winter forest. Since I needed to make cropping I was hesitating how to position the trunk. I'm not sure, that this is the best one. Your comments are welcome.

(additional adjustment: auto contrast)

here are two links to imagestation, with .orig.jpg extension and without (I see both of them but sometimes the first one doesn't work)

bcoultry Feb 12, 2004 2:55 PM

With ImageStation, you have to take off the last part of the address for your photo. Otherwise, it won't show up. The address for this picture is but you have to take off ".orig.jpg" before putting it between Img tags. Then it will work:

You have the center of attention right in the middle of the picture. Find a way to crop so the lines don't lead to the middle.

tonio2000 Feb 16, 2004 10:50 AM

Thanks Barbara. I'm a bit uncertain regarding these imagestation links. I saw both of them, and it seems to me, that the .orig.jpg version has a much better (=the original) quality.

bcoultry Feb 16, 2004 11:23 AM

For whatever reason, the .orig.jpg never shows up when it's linked to. I tried using ImageStation but ended up frustrated with its non-intuitive interface. I'm still looking around for something better. If I had more free space allowed at my own ISP, I wouldn't bother looking at all because it takes exactly 2 seconds to upload a picture to my own Web site.

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