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Took this from the North Shore in Vancouver. Full zoom of Canada Place from across Burrard Inlet. First night pics I've tried with my new camera. Any comments or ideas on night shots? .........thekman.
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I like this shot. It has somenice points of interest and the light is very appeailing. One thing you might try is a slightly darker exposure (shorter shutter speed, higher f-stop or lower ISO) to bring some of the brighter lights under control. The main structure is a little too bright to make out the fine details and the words on top of the tall building are almost readable.

It's always a difficult balancing act taking night shots; if this is one of your first shots, you're going to do well.

Good work.


Tom, on Point Pelee, Canada
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I agree with Tom. Night photography with automatic exposure will always be overexposed because the metering system will always try to render the exposure at 18% gray equivalent. Several things can be done to overcome this problem.
1) Use auto-exposure bracketing with 1.0 ev increment.
2) Use -1.0 ev exposure compensation.
3) Spot meter on one of the brighter elements of the scene.
4) Use manual exposure control.

Your camera may not be able to do all of these functions but 1 & 2 should be available.

Cal Rasmussen
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