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Default Chinese Gardens

Here is a picture I took while visiting the chinese gardens in Singapore, I have not editied it in any way as I am new to digital photography and am still evaluating s/w (adobe gets good reviews).

Comments more than welcome


Would love to know how people manage to cut & paste pictures straight into the forum.
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You'll find most of what you need to know in the FAQ (link at the top of the page).

To include a pic in the forum, post it to your own web space, website or account on a photo-hosting site. Then enter the URL of the image file into your message here (just as you did in your original post), select the URL and click the IMG button in the editor. Generally, that's it.

But not always. Now this gets a little complicated.

You posted an unmodified image on the Fuji site - 2048x1536 pixels. The Fuji site automatically resizes this and displays a smaller version. The address you quoted at the Fuji site with your picture on it is the address of the PAGE, not the address of your image file itself. You can quote the page address here and people can link to it, but you cannot make the picture appear with that address.

So, access the page with your image in it on the Fuji site, right click on the page, then select "View source" from the context menu. You'll see the HTML code for the page (which is rather intimidating if you don't know HTML). Round about the middle of the code, you'll find the address of your picture: I can't quote the line in full here as the HTML formatting in it will probably mess up this forum, but the actual address of your original photo is:


(You can click that link and you'll see your picture at its original size).

You COULD now include this address in your post on the forum, select it and click the IMG button as described above. Hey presto! there's your picture.

:!: But please don't do it. Your picture is TOO BIG for this forum. It will take ages to download for anyone with a dialup connection and it will completely mess up the formatting of the message thread it appears in. I know you haven't yet chosen your editing software, but if you want to show pictures in line in this forum, you MUST reduce their size before posting them. You should reduce them to no more than 800 pixels wide, preferably even to 640 pixels. You will then probably want to sharpen them a little to compensate for the softening caused by the size reduction and you will then want to save the pictures (as a COPY - don't overwrite the original file!) using a higher compression rate than your camera normally uses. Use JPEG format with a compression level of around 80. You can then post the resulting picture to Fuji and link to it here. Your upload will be quicker, forum users will be able to download it quickly and it won't mess up the forum.

How do you do all this when you haven't bought software yet? I'd recommend getting a copy of Irfanview (www.irfanview.com). It's completely free, has a host of features and will do everything I've described. I just did this version with Irfanview exactly as I described and uploaded it to my web space (it's 640x480 pixels and about 1/12th the size of the original file):


Happy posting.

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Much appreciated, thank you. I'll give it a go.

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Unusual and effective pic - good job!!
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