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they all look pretty good to me
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Hi Cal

As pertaining to being "new" to photography, we used to have a cheap 35mm point and shoot which my wife used purely for family stuff, babys growing up, etc. and it was when digital cameras arrived on the market that I began to feel a hankering for doing something with photography [ie: "seeing photographs in situations"] but the images that I saw produced by friends were very poor, and the prices beyond my scope. I eventually took the plunge at the end of Jan and bought my FZ10, and as mentioned, I am having endless fun with it.

I admire the guys who have learned photograpy on film because of the lengthy and expensive process to see and learn from their shots, whereas, eg: I have taken some 7000 shots in the 3months that I have had my camera, without any extra expenses, and almost INSTANT evaluation of the shots, so "learning" has become so much easier. Thanks for your input, [and all the others], I do value it, and thanks for the tip about Photobucket, i will check it out during the weekend.


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Jake, you have FANTAAAAAAAAASTIC gallery. What more to say, I'm really stunned.
And I liked the shot called Indigo Sky. I don't know if it's because of my "special" mood today but I see it as a photo from the space station, overlooking remaing part of the earth after it has ben eaten by giant space monster. In this scenario, the white spots (where light comes through the trees) seem to me like little parts falling down, just like when you bite the crisp cookie

Keep shooting Jake, I'd love to se more and more of your work.
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