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Default A day out in the cold

I was out walking in the deep snow today and had borrowed a camara, since mine needed a wee repair. The sun, as Walter_S has pointed out in another thread, is very low at these latitudes this time of year so this does give some lovely colours and shadows. Problem is catching the colours. The camara that I used to take this picture I'm not very familiar with so I'm sure that it could be perfected even more.

Anyway, this is not a HDR picture.

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This is one beautiful image. In the cold, yes, but still warmening. There is something special about white and deep red and of course the blue of the sky. This is not an easy motive, you managed very well.

HDR is overrated as a single concept. A skilled photographer and postprocessor (doesn't include this humble replier) can do it without "cheating" :-)


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Originally Posted by Alasdair View Post
...Problem is catching the colours.

IMO you have done quite well her, Alasdair. The colors are warm and cool at the same time. The red of the trunks of the pinetrees and the blue of the sky, together with the warm sun gives this picture a friendly athmosphere.

Also the perspective enhanced by the slight diagonal of the path leading into the group of pine-trees is leading the eyes into the picture, and makes you wonder what's behind there...

You have made the most out of this motive, anyway!

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Thanks Torgny and Walter for your comments. It was rather difficult conditions as the snow was knee deep at places, and I didnít have skiís on, so going outside the path was often not an alternative.

As to whether or not hdr is cheating I donít think it is. Imo a photo is a piece of art and the artist is the one that decides who to present it. Itís like looking at paintings; take for instance Goya, Picasso and Munch, they are all great artists, but have three totally different ways of presenting their work, none of them are cheating. As you know true hdr pictures are three or more pictures, and the photographer has taken them all and then asked a program to merge them. The program does not add anything that isnít there from before, so the photographer has caught the detail in one of the pictures. Also remember that the sensor of the cameras only catchesí 1/5 of the colours what the human eye can see. So hdr can be used to enhance the picture into something very close to what the photographer saw.
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