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OK, so there will be at least 2 in the series :-)

This is the same image from #1, but framed.

The workflow now is (in photoshop elements):

1) Resize, 72dpi, 600pixels high. Bicubic resampling.
2) Duplicate the background layer.
3) Use the eyedropper to sample a suitable colour for the border from the image, if the colour turns out too strong (it did here for me), then click on the colour selection box, and select a colour with the same hue, but lower saturation.
4) Resize the canvas, I check the relative size box and then use a value of 2 (both width and hight). Make sure you use the forground colour you've just created as the background colour for the new canvas.
5) This makes a nice background "as is", but I've recently developed a thing for textured borders. Make sure the background layer is selected, and then select filter->texture->texturizer, then Texture=canvas, scaling=59%, relief=4, light=top left. Other options are possible :!:
6) For a drop shadow effect, select the forground layer, then open up the styles palette and select the drop shadows page. Apply the "low" drop shadow option, then double-click on the "f" symbol on the layer to adjust to taste.
7) I have a separate file with my copyright declaration in it: actually two declarations, one in white text and one black as separate layers in the image file.I just copy over whichever looks most appropriate, and then adjust the opacity of the text layer to make it a little less unsubtle.
8) Finally, I select File->Save for web and use appropriate jpeg options to keep the size within forum limits. Oh and I strip embedded colour space information at this stage as well.

All of the above is much easier to do than describe, honestly!

Regards, John.
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Saw your recent post with this image in another frame. Kind of like the yellow border. Seems to fit the season.
Joe Brazil
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