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SW Queensland - has a legend from the original custodians of the land, the Aboriginal people

It is said that Tibrogargan, the father, and Beerwah, the mother, had many children.Coonowrin the eldest, Beerburrum, the Tunbubadla twins, Nunungun, Tibberoowuccum, MIketebumulgrat and Saddleback. There was Round who was fat and small and Wildhorse who was always paddling in the sea.

One day, Tibrogaran was gazing out to sea and noticed a great rising of the waters. Hurrying off to gather his younger children, in order to flee to the safety of the mountains in the west, he called out to Coonawrin to help his mother Beerwah, who was again with child.

Looking back to see how Coonawrin was assisting Beerwah, Tibrogargan was greatly angered to see him running off alone. He pursued Coonowin and, raising his club, struck the latter such a mighty blow that is dislodged Coonowrin's head, and he has never been able to straighten it since.

When the floods had subsided and the family returned to the plains, the other children teased Coonowrin about his crooked neck. Feeling ashamed, Coonowrin went over to Tibrogargan and asked for his forgiveness, but filled with shame about his son's cowardice, Tibrogargan could do nothing bur weep copious tears, which, trickling along the ground,formed a stream that flowed into the sea. Then Coonawrin went to his brothers and sisters, but they also wept at the shame of their brother's cowardice. The lamintations of Coonawrin's parents and of his brothers and sisters at his disgrace explain the presence of the numerous small streams of the area.

Tibrogargan then called to Coonowrin, asking him why he has deserted his mother. Coonowrin replied that as Beerwah was the biggest of them all she should be able to take care of herself. He did not know that she was again pregnant, which was the reason for her great size. Then Tibrogargan turned his back on his son and vowed he woulod never look at him again.

Even today, Tibrogargan gazes far out to sea and never looks around at Coonowrin, who hangs his head and cries, his tears running off to the sea. His mother Beerwah is still heavy with child as it takes a long, long time to give birth to a mountain

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Wonderful picture and a wisely preserved story.

The moral of the tale, if we're to learn from our elders, who didn't have many of our modern advantages,is clearly that...

..spending on both tsunami warning systems, and early-years sex education is wise.
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