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Here is a view from Maui. How do I fix the colors? It seemed so drained and when I play with hue and saturation, it doesn't look real anymore. I should have shot in the early morning or late day, but we were always on the go then. I'll just have to go back and reshoot, right??!! :lol:

Anyway, what do you think?
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It's a nice pic. I really like the curvature of the tree framing the right side. It's too bad the branches hanging down couldn't be creatively cropped out (without taking out the puffy clouds). They are distracting.

Not sure what to do with the colors if the saturation increase made it look phony. I know many of the editing software programs have automatic level increases to enhance color. Not sure if that would make a difference.
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Hi Wisconsin Girl...

This is very nicely composed...the mountains in background, rocks in foreground and the small human subjects bring lots of "scale" into the photo.

The branches at left connect with the tree at the right.

I did a lil tweak with PSP7...

Tweaked lightness and contrast, cloned out the leaves in lower right and erased the branches at top right just left of the trees.

Yes, you are definitely right, Wisconsin Girl! A photo missed at a wonderful destination like Hawaii is a great reason to return!

One other thought...if your digcam can accept a polarizing filter that would be a good thing to consider on a sunny day.

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Old Oct 27, 2004, 9:20 AM   #4
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I tried a trick that I saw while browsing PSP8's Learning Center. Should work with any editor that supports layers:

1. Create a duplicate layer.

2. Change the blend mode from normal to overlay.

3. Set the opacity to 20 - 40%. I used 40 here.

4. Merge (flatten) the layers.

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Thanks digcamfan!

Ironically, I had a polarizing filter in my camera bag at the time. I often have the same thing happen with my warming filter...I just forget to get it out when I get wrapped up in the shot.

I love what you did to my picture. That is exactly what I was hoping for. I put the branches hanging down on the left for a reason...as you said, they connect to the tree and frame the picture. I liked how you removed the little twigs on the right and the leaf on the bottom right, too.

Thanks again!

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