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Default Hike up Carontoohil - Irelands highest Mountain

Got to climb Carontoohill for the first time this weekend. Picked a bad weekend as we got the tail of the Hurricane. Wind was strong enough at the top to blow me over and carry me a scary number of feet. most of the last 40 mins was on hands and knees so as not to be carried in the wind!

Dangerous, but who turns back half way from the top?

Im pretty happy with these, considering the windspeed and the torrential rain, not as sharp as id like but eh.

Id like some critique though on composition and processing. do the images pop, or do they look flat? is there anything you think i should try. They were very very dark, and i lightened them quite a bit, but not so much that they look artificial. Although they are still a little grey, thats what the day was like and so i dont want to completely remove all realism.
Like i said im happy with them but if they can look better then im game!

Taken from the bottom of the Devils Ladder(rough scree/boulder cliff face that leads to the bottom of the summit).

This is a closer panorama of the lake to the right in the top image.

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I like the first one. Yes, they are a little flat, but it's not horrible. I think they both would have been good candidates for HDR.
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Thanks jeanie. Il see if I can make them pop a little more.
On HDR, I really dislike it. To my eye, any HDR photos I've viewed, no matter how well exposed and composed look very unnatural. They look far too rich and vibrant. I'm going for the view that I actually saw that day, not a super vibrant in your face version of what I wish I saw.

that's just me though. I'm gona print the second on out pretty big I think, once I tinker with it a bit more.
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Unless you tried already, you might be missing out by writing off HDR. What I think Jeannie is suggesting is to subtly nudge the highs and lows toward the middle as HDR is apt to do so they don't turn into visual dead-ends. Great pair of concave and convex landscapes!
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