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Inspirational! Your eye for light and composition is the amazing "extra measure" that you are able to add to your stunning photos.

Sarah Joyce
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Kevin, you serve as an inspiration for the rest of us to "reach higher" in our quest for better photos.
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A lot of people seem to have the idea that all you have to do is buy a camera, point at what you choose as your subject and press the shutter.
Doesn't look as good as you imagined?
Buy a more expensive camera, that'll do it....!!!!

What I see with Kevin's work is a lot of dedication, a lot of thought about what he's doing coupled with a great eye for what makes the shot turn from a photograph to work of art.

I'm actually jealous Kevin....
"You are who you pretend to be."
Kurt Vonnegut Jnr.

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Some wonderful news! Congratulations!!

(and thanks Mark for sharing the great news!)
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Thank you everyone for leaving your thoughts. I am honoured by your comments.

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Originally Posted by mole View Post
(and thanks Mark for sharing the great news!)
It's such a great story that I couldn't simply leave it unmentioned. I'm also hoping that there is more to come so we can add some extra chapters very soon.... no pressure Kevin
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Kevin, your story is in many ways a parallel of my own... we even started with the same camera, the Panasonic FZ20! i still have mine, though i almost never use it anymore... anyway, congrats on your successes! getting into the National Geographic Image Sales catalog is no mean feat!

most of my "success" has been in terms of gallery showings and connections with art dealers and interior designers, though if you go to the NG website and type in Rockwell, you'll find one of mine there as well...

Out where the rivers like to run, I stand alone, and take back something worth remembering...
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Congratulations Spy! I have followed and admired your work and those of others (you too Rocky). Your photos on BytePhoto are an inspiration to all.
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I must say, with absolute sincerity that aside from the outstanding information which is shared on this site by all levels of photographers are the pictures posted and Kevins are ones I continually search for at the beginning of each log-on.

As someone whose new and with a tremendous amount to learn, I want to thank Mark1616 for posting this story complete with starting photos to current day successes. It's interesting too see the progression and for those really serious in improving their skills, this post highlights the simple truth of "practice.....practice....practice". I think its especially nice that Mark1616 took the time out of his busy day to write this tribute.

Kevin, your photos are inspiring and truly works of art. I am alway appreciative of your posts but more importantly of the time you take with each to answer any questions about HOW you took the photo and PP so that we can learn from the master It's refreshing to have someone share indepth steps rather than creating a mystery for others to solve. I know from reading others posts, many have tried to learn from your teachings and take their interpretation of your work to their own personal level.....I think this is wonderful. I think when you have people using your work as inspiration and are trying your techniques you've achieved a level of success many only dream of accomplishing.

Thank you for your continued posts. I always look forward to them. And, Mark1616, thank you again for highlighting a success story as seen on Steves
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Congrats Sky and hope you'll stay on this forum


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