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Default Lanscape problem! Advice needed!

Are there any tricks to taking lanscape photoes that I do not know of?

I look forward to your comments
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Unfortunately for you, I am no expert here... or really have any experience with landscapes. I have read a little bit about "nature photography" which includes what you were doing, though.

The only thing I remember was that you shouldn't be afraid to put the human element into the picture. Be it a building, a person... whatever. It shows our connection to the scene, which can be used as a powerful statement. It could be an oil tanker in front of an oil slick covered shore or a person diving into a beautiful, smooth lake. Think about what you are trying to convey with the picture and then use what is around you (even your bike!) to bring that picture about.

Also, the human element adds an aspect of scale and connection that the viewer can view them and understand more of what they are seeing… and see themselves there. It’s easy to imagine myself in the picture with the dock… I stand on docks all the time. (And I’d love to have been there!)

Some of your pictures are only for you. They are to remind you of what you saw and where you went. Others are taken to show people something specific that you want to convey. Those are much harder to make.

I spent the last week at a music camp for adults. I went to a concert with one of the best flat picking guitar players in the world, and had the pleasure of singing with him during jam sessions afterwards (he was an instructor there.) I have pictures of him playing and the jam sessions. They mean nothing to almost everyone else in the world, but I will definitely put them into the photo album for that vacation. I might bore my parents with them, but I won’t take them to work to show people what I did. Instead I’ll bring a CD of his work and say “I played with him!”

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One thing that I am learning is to elements as a way to lead the viewer to what you reall want them to look at. You shot of the wood deck pier is a great example at leading the eye from the bottom of the shot and almost sweeping you eye back to the right The picture with your bike has the road which leads the eye from the bottom right diagonally up to the left up to the barns and the peak with the sky.

My favorite is the wood deck pier. For me, it is the easiest for my eyes to follow.
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Great compositions!

Are there any tricks to taking lanscape photoes that I do not know of?
A polarizer would greatly enhance the 1st three pictures... actually when there's great expanse of sky and water combined with good sun, a polarizer is ideal to increase the contrast as well as controlling the water reflection!
It might tune out some of the haze too...

You may need to step up a little bit higher on the 3rd picture to lower the railing below the water horizon: The excellent foreground took more than 1/2 of the picture and make it more preponderant, but the railings are not the highlights of the picture!
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Thankyou all for your comments and suggestions. I will take all that to heart and use it when I take lanscapes. Great!
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Keep shooting, soundengineer

I really like the perspective on the second shot
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All of the pictures can be greatly enhanced by a polarizer filter since you are the perfect angle with the sun (90 degree using your thumb and index finger), a little tweak in post processing with photoshop will improve the results as well, the third picture would look more natural if you add a little more sky to it (rule of third). Overall, your compsosition looks good.
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