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Default Late Sunset

This is my first evening photo. It was fairly dark. After looking at this photo online I find it rather interesting that it looks like the photo was taken through a tube. When taking these shots I had the 2X telephoto lens attachment on and when I would try manually focusing it would take shots in this fashion.

If you have ideas on what I could have done differently to obtain a better photo, please do not hesitate to add your feedback. Thanks!

ops: Embarrassing to note I've taken hundreds of photos with my new camera and only a handful are half way decent.

I will get there with mucho practiceo.

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A tripod would have helped with sharpness. I'm assuming this was handheld?
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With the tele lens on and a the wide view you are seeing vignetting. The camera wide view is looking through your adapter tube. If you are going to take wide angle shots remove the adapter tube and telephoto lens.

As already stated you need a tripod at lowerlight settings. You may not require the tripod if you remove the telephoto lens.
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I also am relatively new to digital. When I take 60 pictures and really like 10 I feel I'm ahead of the game, but that's the nice thing about digital as opposed to film...the delete button.

Happy picture taking and Happy New Year


(Went out last weekend took a bunch of pics and disliked them all, :? however I kept 4 as a reminder of what a stinker that weekend was and how the next , God willing, will be better)
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Lotus lady,
Digital camera pictures in low light are among the most difficult to take, except perhaps for action shots.
When you add a tele converter you are adding quite a bit more complexity to the picture.

It is difficult to tell whether the fault lies in
1) bad light metering
2) camera shake
3) in-appropriate combination of lens for the conditions
4) poor camera work
or some combination of all.

Undoubtedly the picture needs improving... unless you were looking to achieve this blurred effect.
Would appreciate it if you posted a couple of those you felt were good ones.
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Hello Lotus Lady

Please do not despair...

If you do not press the shutter, you will have no photos!

In this age of digital imagery, one can improve even
a bad photograph.

I have taken liberty to repost your original plus a rework of
of your photo.

Please know there are MANY here on this forum who are MUCH more adept than your humble author at digital image enhancement.

I kinda like the Wizard of Oz feel to the enhancement.

Keep taking photos

Your original

Enhanced? - It is all in the eye of the beholder...

So long for now, Lotus Lady!

P.S. to Selvin...you shrunk!!!
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Old Jan 2, 2004, 5:51 PM   #7
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Thanks for all your feedback. I will try to photograph the sunset again without the telephoto adapter. I did have it on a tripod...SO the other problems Selvin listed may all be true.

Thanks for all the feedback.
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