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Default locomotion

Have you ever come across a "stacked" photo other than star trails which a landscape image is a composite of several photos ranging from daytime to night time then joined?

I've read other photographer's articles that show amazing scenes that just couldn't be done in a single shot and such photos take several hours to shoot to get the lighting just right all around. I've never tried it until my latest trip to BC and I know after doing it and seeing the results, my technique has reached another level.

I arrived to the desired location early enough to look around in the day light to set up the right composition I was looking for. My photo needed interesting subject matter which included foreground, background, elements of fog and of course the lights of an approaching train and clouds in the sky. I seek out scenes of interest and now seeing that the stacking thing works, I now need several more hours to complete the shot....but hey, who in a rush?

This image is a composite of 6 photos stacked in CS5. The first shot taken during late evening with well exposed rocks, then another about an hour or so later to get a nice dramatic sky and dark clouds with rich deep tones, then the last couple shots during complete darkness to capture the lights of the train beaming through the fog.

Hope you enjoy and think of new possibilities for your own photos.

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wow... a very interesting process! i almost find the bright horizon on the right side to be a distraction, kinda competes with the train's lights for attention.

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A fascinating technique. I agree with Rocky about the distracting light.
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Unfortunately about that light is the highway runs along right there and the cars just kept coming. If only they knew I was trying to take a photo at the time...sheesh, some people.
The final image is much wider which includes the motion blur of the traffic but I didn't like it so much so the image is cropped to exclude it.

I should mention that the light at the bottom left of the beams is where the train is exiting the tunnel.

Thanks for commenting!
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