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Hi All [The forum disappeared this side of the world, maybe it had something to do with the moon ??!!]
These two shots [not very good, hand held] are of a full lunar eclipse that we had on Tuesday night, the shots are of the moon emerging.

This third is a shot taken a few weeks ago of the moon, a sunbird in a tree in our garden, taken at sunset. I must have taken about 20 shots to try and get the moon and the bird in focus, as well as to capture the colors, and this is the only one which was successful


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Jake, the third shot grabbed my interest the most. Primarily because of the silhouette of the trees moreso than the bird. I realize most of your effort probably went into getting the bird, but its size is a deterrent to having maximum impact.

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JakeTPegg wrote:
not very good, hand held
They are good. I've tried taking pictures of the moon hand held and they end up looking like an egg. :-)

I didn't get to see the eclipse because of the cloud. Thank you for showing me what I missed. The second one (cropped) would make a good avatar.

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Thanks for the comments, Selvin/ferny. I felt the silhouette of the tree with sunset colors made an interesting framework,the blacksunbird and moon forming a "focal" contrast to make an overallbalanced pic. Regarding the moon, ferny, I had many "eggs" that night, and unfortunately, due to the low amountof light being reflected from the moon, I had to use iso 200 - 400 , so if the pics are cropped, they appear very grainy. Also, to get the shadowed area of the moon as well as the bright part, the exposure had to be compromised. Here is a cropped shot of the moon[same time as the top pic, with the exposure quite a bit lower, to capture more detail of the moon, which unfortunately removes visibility of the shadow. Maybe someone out there who is experienced in "moon shots" can advise us??

style="BACKGROUND-COLOR: #000000"Here is another taken a few hours before as the moon was entering the eclipse

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Hi JackTPegg,

Thanks for sharing your eclipse!

Especialy nice is the color one of the bird and moon and the last two.

Given that your shots werehandheld, you have done extremely well to capture the details of the moon's surface.

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