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This is my first attempt to take a sunset picture with my new digital camera. I never really used a digital camera before until I got this one. I know this isnt the best picture but this is the best that i can do. Also can someone explain why the picture are kinda noisy and not as sharp as I thought it would turn out? I have the camera set to full 5mp at full compression.

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Okay, you've raised questions regarding sharpness and noise.

Regarding the sharpness, was this handheld? If so, what were your aperture and shutter settings? Digital cameras are light hogs. Pictures taken in low-light conditions such as this require lots of light. So, if you open up your aperture really wide you could have depth of field problems, which leads to soft-looking photos. Or, if you have a slow shutter speed and you're hand-holding the camera, you can get camera shake, which causes blurring. The best way to overcome these problems is to use a tripod, a long exposure and a moderately closed aperture. This will allow lots of light into the camera while maintaining decent depth of field and most importantly, keep the camera immobile.

Now, regarding the noise, if the term "full compression" means "high" compression that is the worst choice you can make. If you are shooting .jpg images, you want as little compression as possible. Set your compression at its lowest possible setting. This will take more memory per picture but it will also keep more details and less noise in the photo.

I hope this information helps. I'm sure there are others in these forums that can add some valuable information.
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The settings on the camera
Focal Length-9mm
F-Number F/8
Exposer Time 1/180 sec
Shutter speed 1/182 sec
Metering Mode-Pattern
Exposer Compensation-0 step
Exposure Program -Landscape Mode

The picture was taken WITHOUT a tripod
My mistake when I said at full compression, I had it backward. I ment to say at lowest compression where it takes up the most space.
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